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Moral vs Material Education

Updated on May 22, 2011

All of us should know that moral education is important than material education.

Moral education is like primary education which has to be uniform and primary for all of us whereas material education is like higher education which has to be specific for all of us. If some people are devoid of moral education then it’s bad of all of us because people go for bad ways to fill their ego which is bad for the society.

It is not the case with material education. But that doesn't mean that material education can be done without. We are dependent on each other and so we must ensure that everyone does his work right. So to learn procedures and tasks of the modern world, material education is necessary.

We have moved towards a society where people have more belief in becoming more knowledgeable and more successful, more powerful but we have forgot the concept of God, and have suppressed the quest for our origin and existence.

Most of the ancient civilizations had formed some or other concept of a higher power governing the world and the knowledge flowed through generations. Our lifestyle and educational system these days are almost void of any spiritual teaching and values building. We don't have a scientific and free way of teaching in India. Better was the time in India when although the information available was less but the shishya(disciple) can ask the Guru about any topic. These days we just put emphasis on getting good grades in exams for the sake of material success.
School and college time is when a person should be given basic moral and values education so that he/she does good for the humanity.

Moral education can be formal and informal both...but first formal moral education and equal opportunity to gain it is very important. Moral education has to be logical and filled with a lot of sense and rationality so that everyone can understand it. Morals don't mean we give religion-based guidelines of commandments to students but let them enquire and understand it along with logical arguments.

We lose the sense of how much power is at dispense in the universe and the responsibility that we need to manage it properly. But because nature is self-balancing so we get ignorance in return of ignorance and bad in return of bad...

As we are becoming more and more dependent on each other day by day so we must become more responsible too.


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