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More Fun Family Summer Activities

Updated on June 29, 2011

Summer Fun Time--Kitchen Chemistry

Once kids are out of school for summer they can quickly reach the "I'm bored" stage. Sending them off to a summer camp can be an awesome and expensive solution, but summertime can be a terrific time for parents and kids to connect. Getting into the kitchen and cooking together is a super way for kids and parents to bond...doing some kitchen chemistry activities can add some excitement and fun!

Here are a few science activities that can be done inside or outside, have readily available materials (you probably have most of them around the house) that are inexpensive, and even though you may make a mess, they are lots of FUN!!

Bubble Bombs--Fizz, Pop!

We know that sandwich baggies are a necessity for packing lunches during the school year, but now they can be a fun part of kitchen chemistry. Get some common kitchen ingredients together...vinegar and baking soda...check out the instructions below and have some fizzy, messy, bag popping fun!

Balloon Blow Up!

Blowing up balloon takes a lot of hot air...right? How about blowing up balloons using the power of a chemical reaction? Check out the activity below and have some fun blowing up balloons without getting winded...

Explosions of Color

Let's add some color to the kitchen chemistry activities!

For this activity you will need to be patient and let the milk settle once it is poured. It will be worth the wait when you get those cool explosions of color. Liquid food coloring works best but if you only have gel food coloring available go ahead and use it. As for the milk, the higher the fat content the better the movement of the color, but if you only have 2% or lowfat milk you can still get a reaction. Any kind of liquid dish soap that you have on hand will be fine for this activity.

Variations, Questions, and Further Investigations

Getting into the kitchen and enjoying some fun with chemistry is a good thing in and of itself. But since science is by nature "fun"datmental these activities can be just the start. You can adjust variables (for instance using apple cider or balsamic vinegar instead of white vinegar...using baking powder instead of baking soda) and do further investigations. Using cream instead of milk or using skim milk could lead to other interesting variations on the Color changing milk and affect on the color explosions.

Looking into the chemical reactions that are occurring...acids and bases, soaps and fats...the extensions and enrichment possibilities are numerous! Summer is short so get in the kitchen and start fizzing, popping and exploding!


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