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More Math Games For Kids

Updated on April 26, 2015

Encourage a love of math in your kids by doing fun and interesting activities that involve math. Here are ideas for games that you can play at home with your family, toys, and books.


Make a set of note cards with problems on one card and the answer on another card. You can complete as many sets of problems and answers that you would like depending on how large you want the game to be. Make smaller sets for small kids and bigger sets for older kids. The set should all be the same type of problems. The problems will either be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division depending on what the child needs to work on.

Once you have created the cards, mix them up and lay them all on the table face down. One or two people can play together. Flip over one card at a time. Flip over a second card. Try to find a matching set. A matching set would be a problem and an answer. If the set matches, set both to the side. If the set does not match, the cards get flipped back over face down. The game is won when all sets of problems and answers have been found.


Play Store

You can play store with your kids. Both you and your kids can collect empty containers around the house. Help your kids select prices for each of the items. Write the prices on the containers. Show your child how to use a calculator.

You can be the customer and your child can be the cashier. He can check you out using a calculator. The cashier can make a receipt by written the store name and total on a piece of paper.

$1.00 Race

$1.00 Race is a game for 2 people. You will need 30 pennies, 20 nickels, 20 dimes, 2 quarters, one dollar and two dice. The youngest player goes first and rolls the two dice. Based on the numbers that the player rolls, player to to take that amount of pennies. So, it the player rolls a 3 and a 4 then the player takes 7 pennies. Next player takes their turn. When either player has 5 pennies they can trade those pennies for a nickel. Then, when they collect two nickels they can trade those nickels for a dime. The player to get the one dollar bill first is the winner.


Chances is a game for two people. You will need two sheets of paper, two pencils, and two quarters. Flip one coin. If it is heads, the child gets one point. They could mark their point on their piece of paper. If it is tails, you get a point. Do this 50 times. Count how many points each of you has at the end of the 50 tosses. Record that score.

Next take two coins and toss them at the same time. If there are two heads or two tails then the kiddo gets one point. If the coins come up as one heads and one tails then you get one point. Do this 50 times. Track the results again.

Next, flip one coin and then flip the other coin. If there are two heads or two tails then the kiddo gets one point. If the coins come up as one heads and one tails then you get one point. Do this 50 times. Track the results again.

Talk about the results. Did you end up with the same score or almost the same score? Why?

Play Mancala

One of my favorite games - Mancala is an ancient game from Africa and Egypt. Two players play with a wooden cupped board and colored marbles. The object of the game is to get all of your marbles out of your cups to the end of the board. The person that collects the most marbles at their end wins.

Guess The Number

To play Guess The Number you need at least players. The first player thinks of a number. The second player had to guess the number. But, in order to guess the number they need to first ask five questions. They can ask any questions they want. They would ask something like:

Is it an even number?

Is it greater than 50?

Is it between 20 and 40?

The player that has thought of the number can answer yes or no.

After five questions the player who is asking the questions makes a guess on what the answer is.

Go Geocaching.

There are 2 million geocaches worldwide. To find them set up an account with A link is below. Use navigation to find the treasures location. If you take one of the items from the geocache location make sure to leave something in its place for the next person to find.

Finding a Geocache

Plan family vacations together.

Let the kids help plan family vacations. They can help to calculate mileage, cost of gas, make suggestions for planned gas station stops and hotel stays along the way.

How Much Longer?

How much longer is a great game to play when the kids ask how much longer it will be before you get somewhere or how long will it be before you do some activity. Read the clock with the child. Tell them the time it will be when you arrive at your location. Help them to figure out how many minutes that will be. You can also break how long that will be into short time frames so they understand that. If it will be 15 minutes until you get there and they have a favorite song that lasts 5 minutes you can explain that in 3 songs you will be there.


Junk Mail

No one likes junk mail. But, I have a fun activity for you and your kids to play with the junk mail you receive. Kids can help you sort your mail. They can sort it between the mail that you need and junk mail. Make a list with them of things that would be junk mail so they know what to look for. Have the kids count how much junk mail you get in a day. Ask them to guess how much junk mail will be received in a day? In a week? Have them keep a sheet with the numbers from each day so they can see how their predictions compare to the actual numbers.

Egg Carton Math

Below is a video that uses an egg carton to help kids get better at math.

Egg Carton Math

I have provided several different games and activities that involve math that you can play with your kiddos. Don't push a certain type of game because you like it or think it is the best learning opportunity. That could turn your child off to the learning opportunity. Offer options to see what interest them. Your child has school to do the work. With you at home it would be fun.

Fun Kids Books With Math In Them.

Below is a list of fun kids books with math in them.


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