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More Proof of Life on Mars

Updated on March 4, 2015

Have a look at this...

Do you see the two little guys??
Do you see the two little guys??

Clearly visible are two carved creatures...

What appears to be a snake head at top left and some type of lizard like creature at bottom right!
What appears to be a snake head at top left and some type of lizard like creature at bottom right!

A snake and a lizard on the red planet?!

Now there's something you don't see everyday... Not on Mars anyway! In the photo above, if you look very closely, you will notice what appears to be a snake or serpent head at the top left. There is clearly a detailed eye, head, and shaped mouth area. Taken on its own, I would agree that one could argue that it may just be a rock that miraculously appears to be something familiar, but nothing more. However, taken in context, with the other "creature" at the bottom right, it seems to me that there can be no doubt that we are looking at quite an incredible photo!

Again, if you look very closely at the object on the bottom right, you will notice what appears to be a head, body, and legs, and some very obvious details carved into it that do not appear to have formed naturally. Use the surrounding rock as a comparison, and you will notice that natural erosion does not normally produce such amazing detail. Also, both objects appear to have had most of the material underneath them removed, They seem to be slightly perched above the ground, and that is not very likely to happen with plain old rocks.

You can rest assured that there is no funny business here, as this photo is available on the NASA website, and here is the reference number: PIA16702. All I have done is zoomed into to the panorama taken by the rover, and I invite you to go the NASA website yourself and do the same. These two little guys will be waiting for you! Here's a quick poll to get your thoughts on the matter:

Do the objects in the photo appear to be more than just rocks?

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Is this possible proof that intelligent life once existed on Mars?

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Mars never disappoints!

I suspect that you may still not be convinced, so I will give you a little bit more to think about. This is my second article on the topic of ancient artifacts on Mars, and I must say that these shots are pretty clear, however maybe not as clear as "The Pipeline" shots from my first article. Have a look (link at the end of this article) and I think you will agree that, taken together, it just becomes undeniable that they are remnants of an ancient civilization that once lived on Mars... There I said it!

I do understand that it is difficult for anyone who has never looked into this, to believe that an ancient civilization could have once lived on Mars, and that the proof is staring us right in the face in hundreds of NASA photos!? So I am here to tell you, that it is not only possible, but extremely probable. To assist newcomers to this topic, I try to publish only the clearest, highest definition shots I can find to try to remove any doubt. I hope that these are obvious enough, however I realize that not everyone will be able to pick out the details, as some people are just not able to easily spot the distinctions between natural objects and manufactured ones. Unfortunately, the rovers never seem to get up close to the interesting stuff in the released NASA photos, so there is always difficulty associated with trying to demonstrate it to others. Still, if you find yourself to be interested in the topic, and you are persistent enough, you could comb through the NASA archives and find tons of interesting objects that will definitely get you thinking.

Another example of strange objects in NASA photos

What looks like a carved head, somewhat similar to Mayan carvings here on earth.
What looks like a carved head, somewhat similar to Mayan carvings here on earth.

The amazing implications of it all

Now if you've been following along, and your curiosity has been elevated a bit, you may have started to have some interesting thoughts about all this. Some obvious questions arise. What are the implications of an ancient civilization on Mars? Could it be, that we humans are actually descendants of an early Martian civilization?

I find it very interesting that the objects/creatures we are discussing (snake, lizard-like animal, carved head) are not completely foreign to us here on earth. One might assume that if life ever did exist on Mars, that it would be quite different from the life here on earth, having evolved in a different environment. However, this does not appear to necessarily be true. The snake for example, is not only familiar to us but has also been engrained into the myths and legends of nearly every culture here on earth going back to the dawn of the written word. Could this fascination with such creatures like snakes, lizards and dragons go back even further then we could ever imagine?

To add a bit more fuel to this fire, we could look at the work of Mike Bara, a prominent Mars researcher, who points to an amazing photo taken on Mars that appears to show a sphinx, very similar to the one in Egypt, with what may be a pyramid behind it. I mean this is just incredible! Imagine what that might mean! We have long been puzzled by the pyramids here on earth, built by different civilizations, separated by great distances, using incredible technology on a massive scale and with incredible precision. We struggle to grasp the magnitude of these projects and can't always come up with reasonable explanations for all the logistics. For example, how the ancients could have moved stones larger than we could move today with modern equipment? Meanwhile, there very well could be the same structures on other planets such as Mars, and this gives us a whole new angle from which we could attack the problem.

The hypothesis that the pyramids, and the technology and ingenuity behind them, came from somewhere else becomes very intriguing. As astounding as it may seem, it may actually make quite a bit of sense, and ultimately does away with many of the problems that bog down the "official" explanation. Now it is obvious that more research is needed before we jump to conclusions, however the sad fact of the matter is that despite all of the interesting evidence, we as a society seem to be too frightened and too set in our ways to explore the unknown. We are discouraged from thinking this way and tend to dismiss any evidence that doesn't fit with our worldview (it's an old cliché and yet it's still true today, in an era when it really should be a thing of the past... an outdated mode of thinking). Hopefully, we are on our way to rising above this mental block that has held us back for thousands of years.

To wrap it up

From the towers and structures that have been photographed on the moon, to the monolith that has been recently found on Phobos (Martian moon), to the two little guys that I have presented here today...time and time again we are given reasons to look outwardly to the planets and stars for answers. And yet, the majority of people still wish to close their eyes to these possibilities as it makes them somewhat uncomfortable. It is unfortunate, however I really hope that articles like this get people thinking just a bit more about this fascinating topic and brings them one step closer to accepting larger ideas and concepts which will help move us all forward. Thanks for tuning in. I suspect, if you made it this far, you are not part of the majority I just mentioned. Good job!


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