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More Questions for Ishuwa

Updated on August 26, 2014

"The sky is not the limit for You!" -Ishuwa

This wonderful book is the first in the Galactic Family Series .

Not only did I wish this book, Avatars of the Phoenix Lights, was allot thicker as well, but I also started to read it over again right after I finished it. I think of it as more of a connection than just words printed on paper compiled in a book. This never happened to me before. And I think I'll stay at it and keep reading it again until part two, Feline Humans, the second in the Galactic Family Series, arrives from Amazon.

Oh, hold on, the door bell rang, this could be it!, it wasn't the book at my door, it was just Ishuwa and his friends, again, who stopped over and wanted to know If I could come out to play today ..... just kidding - (grin) .... I wish. One day soon though, I have no doubt.

This connection, or rather, book, documents 12 one-hour conversations between a human from earth, Jefferson, and the ET human named Ishuwa, and this is channeled by Shaun. These ET & T conversations in this 'book' reveal details about the nature of life that will allow us to effortlessly access our wisdom and playful inner heart and thus be ready to more fully enjoy the multitude of fascinating events that are beginning to unfold on our spaceship called, Earth.

I thought of questions that Jefferson didn't ask Ishuwa.

In this connection Ishuwa had mentioned in his remarks blogs,YouTube, emails and PayPal. So I got thinkin, "hey, he's aware of these things, and possibly, maybe, could be, he and/or his fellow Yahyels might be monitoring the internet in some way." So, taking that 'ball' and running with it, "they could see my questions as well, and might find it enjoyable enough to answer them in some way!" Funnier and stranger things have definitely happened!

(these questions could well be answered in the second connection, Feline Humans - in that case I will answer them here)

(I will most-likely be editing, and adding to, these questions as time goes on)

~* ~* ~* ~* ~*


Jefferson- Here on Earth we have different levels of consciousness. Some people are aware of who they are and who other people are so they don't harm others since they know that others are a part of their Self. And there are people here that have no idea who they really are because of their limited belief systems, limited concepts, and limited definitions. Some of these people do things like stealing or mistreating others. Is this the same on your planet as it is on ours in this regard? Do you have some people who are not aware of their true nature and other people that are highly aware of who they really are or does everybody on your World have the same level of consciousness?

Ishuwa- We all understand where we are from and who we are in that sense. We understand the nature of our existence and that Existence exists infinitely. We recognize in all of us, in All That Is, the value of all. We have grown up in this understanding for so many generations that we do not have the perception that one of us is more learned, more wise than another. We recognize that each has a very valuable contribution that is unique and different from all the others and will be valued, will be shared by those others in any given moment that they are attracted to a particular experience with them.

There are no individuals in our society that don't "get it," that are repressed, that are hiding in fear, that are without the ability to recognize they create their own reality. We are all able to take responsibility and we do so for all that we are experiencing. There is great joy in all that we are experiencing at all moments.

These are my questions:

  • 1 ~*()~ I grew up with a religion and the promises, from a deity in the sky that is separate from me, that I will go to heaven when I die. Your world seems to me to be that heaven. Is there a 'place' that your spirit reincarnates and then incarnates after you 'die'? And where is that?
  • 2 ~*()~ Ishuwa, you have said that there are other beings, like yourself, who don't need spaceships to get around. Are there more of these beings, resembling the Yahyels, of higher resolutions than those of lower resolutions who need mechanical ships?
  • 3 ~*()~ Are there 'places' in the vastness of space, as well as other dimensions, that you haven't been and know nothing about?
  • 4 ~*()~ Would we on Earth be destroyed by this time, either by an asteroid or by some predatory beings, if it wasn't for your loving kind and the Alliance of Worlds to protect us and interject?
  • 5 ~*()~ Are there colors there on your planet that we don't have here on Earth, and what are they? Or have you heard of any 'new' colors that other Worlds experience?
  • 6 ~*()~ You, as well as Bashar, have stated that you and other ET's don't want to interfere but only would drop bread crumbs along the way to guide us and help us. And that you are waiting for 'our' right time to meet eyeball to eyeball heart to heart. And that both the Phoenix Lights sightings are 'stepping stones' to that glorious day. A glorious day for both of us. ~My question, or rather, idea, if I may be so bold, is; wouldn't it be a grand entrance for you if 'you guys' would help us with our pollution and mainly the radiation leak from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan that is destroying our beautiful oceans? Then, even the most skeptical and the most scared and the most lost in the 'haunted houses' (as you put it) of us would have no doubt and be instantly reassured of your intentions.

I've gotten my 'connections' used for half this price ~()


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    • johnwindbell profile image

      johnwindbell 3 years ago from - the land of beards and buggies

      Thanks for the scroll by and comment, Shyron. More and more people feel the same and thus we are more and more closer to the time. We are evolving from homo sapiens to home-gelatic.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 3 years ago from Texas

      John, this is an interesting read. I have always been interested in UFO, and would really love to see, and don't think I would be afraid if aliens came to earth.

      Voted up and interesting and shared.