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More Resources for the Technology Teacher

Updated on March 15, 2012

Great Online Resources

Teachers are always looking for more resources so i am scouring my old plan books and looking for some of the best I have used and are still working. I am sad to say some of my favorites that I used when I taught technology two years ago no longer exist. That keeps us teachers on our toes when we are planning in advance. The first year I created this curriculum I was actually on maternity leave when the course was taught, talk about chaos.


The first resources in more about creating places to put all your resources. This is a great site to organize all the bookmarks that you want your students to have access to. You create a log in for yourself to modify and add the bookmarks and the students get a guest log in that doesn't allow them to accidentally change anything but does allow them to access all the book marks that are available for their specific course. This is so much easier than trying to make sure the computers all have a certain book mark available or having the studnet type in the Internet address.

Web Adventures

One of my favorite wed adventures is Art Pintura: Art Detective. This are great resources that the students can learn about different topics through an online adventure. There are many different topics, simulations, stories, and mysteries that help the student learn about history.


I frequently try to teach my student about copyright and what is and is not legal in taking pictures off the internet. This site allows student to use images that are safe and free for the use in education. i like that I can send younger students to one location and not have to worry about what appears on google searches even with all the filters that schools have in place.

Copyright Kids!

Speaking about copyright, this is a great resource for kids to learn about and discover facts about copyright.

NASA Kids Club

I don't think this needs much explanation. Space, computers, and kids all in one place this one is for the win. There are different activities for different levels of ability. This will meet the needs for several grade levels.

These are just a few more of the great resources I used to teach my elementary and middle school students. Make sure you check the sites out for yourself before you try them with a class because you never know when something won't work the way it was supposed to.


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