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More so now in modern times.Why over 60% of most marriages won’t last .

Updated on October 27, 2011

Wondering why over 60% of most marriages today, won’t last?

It may well be because some one in that union, have not paid attention to those staggering statistics? After the countless examples from the likes of some of the wisest and most intelligent of our times, even to those sometimes very close to us , that stubborn 60% that somehow still refuses to understand that unless they wise up real quickly and realize that it will take the mother of all pre-nuptials agreement, to be written, understood and agreed to, before any two people in our times can let their signed agreement help them and their marriage, to possibly have a chance at lasting!

If successful, it may even be shared with others, to be used as that long lost prerequisite for others who may be seeking the sanctity of marriage in the future.

Why is it that as of now , they all seem to be heading downwards, slated for doom?

As I write I am remembering this song I heard years ago , the lyrics was pretty straight forward, really the clear cut type. Stating that, “Love is a battle field”

yes it is, it’s also a clash of wills, and individual knowledge, it’s that promise, it’s also a totally screwed up , misconceived and misunderstood type of sharing

that is usually allowed to roam free, instead of being guided by one, who will assume the role of the Shepard, these were the examples of those that to this day defeated everything that time threw at them. There was an understanding and respect , the likes of which we may never again see.

Why are we as a race so fascinated and preoccupied with the past ?

Instead, marriages now are usually thrown to the wolves, as a test of it’s solidarity, there is something to prove.

How can it, when there was no plan in place, no prearranged course of action, no solidified intention, no guidelines to follow, just a chance on Love.

We all are witnesses to what type of love that is, because we are all witnesses to the many negative outcomes. It's just as if we all knew, and believed beyond the shadow of any doubt that love is truly "Blind."

I remembered when I was a boy, and believe me I remember very well, the writings of the man Shakespeare, and there it was in that same book I had so often used, “ The merchant of Venice”

I had to read and study that book without having a choice, it was simple, I had to do well in school, and that required studying that book, as often as I could,

with all it’s conflicting contents. That's according to me.

As a boy my father made fun of Shakespeare and I grew to see why.

He was simply a genius.

I made this promise to myself and my parents that I will make them proud one day, so I studied very hard, and passed my exams. A very big deal during my time as a boy.

At that time I knew nothing about the true meaning of love, most boys my age didn't, but I knew it had something to do with understanding and sacrifice, because the great Bible had already stated and everyone who was around knew of Jesus'es sacrifice on the cross. For God so loved, he sacrificed , he gave!

And here again in this book, so beautifully written, not necessarily a sacrifice but the prelude to a much more embarrassing scenario, the culmination of which proves to be that of a sacrifice. I can almost hear Jessica, and she bears my sisters name, I remember her saying: But love is blind, and lovers can’t see the silly things they do around each other. If they could, Cupid himself would be embarrassed to see me dressed up as a boy.

Though it sounds out of time, and context, to say that I remembered the sanctity of marriage, to be the culmination of that courtship period, that was in itself a prelude to that which was blessed,and sanctified by none other than the Most High God himself, it’s the only truth which challenges mankind

to be true to himself, and do so in an agreement with himself first.

It is the staff by which one vows his allegance to the understanding between God and man.

In watching this compromise, heading directly to its eventual demise, I see only another commandment being placed in the safekeeping of man, to be held righteous and sincere. But instead and I need not say the way that I feel, not here, not now, maybe not ever.

For the fear that my way would result in more than a mere understanding, it would be the Law, and you would write the pages, which we will all sign.

To be continued….


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks jlald as you may already know , Challenge is the most nutritious food for the committed.

      Blessings ..

    • profile image

      jlald 6 years ago

      Although the good outweighs the bad, being in a committed relationship os not without challenge!!

    • Kadmiels profile image

      Kadmiels 6 years ago from Florida

      it is better to be single no matter what