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More than Just a Graduate: Excellence in the Middle of Competition

Updated on May 21, 2013

With the increasing population comes the increasing number of graduates as well. Have you noticed how a one or two graduation invitations (and solicitations) from five years ago doubled and even tripled these past couple of years? Well it just goes to show that competition’s getting steeper than ever. To graduate doesn't automatically mean a hundred percent of getting employed. Graduates not getting hired are commonplace nowadays. This is a classic example of something common not being popular. Who would want to spend hundreds of thousands in school and not end up earning in the end?

So how then can we at least reduce the chance of us not being able to work after graduating? What does it take to stand out in the crowd of graduates? How does the corporate world measure its recruit?


Corporations are highly trained on smelling productive people when they see one. A few questions on computer would either send the applicant out the door or into the building (when applying for a technical position). The solution is: look for something you are interested in. Capitalize on that and make sure you can stand up to the challenge of being called 'specialized' on that field you've chosen.

Develop or hone a skill

If it happens that you belong to the group of graduates finishing a course which does not point to any ‘employable’ position, develop a skill which does. There are already a lot of specific things to do nowadays like bookkeeping, cooking, welding, etc. Look where the compass of successful industries points and off you go.

Develop a skill; learn a trade and commit to be good at it.
Develop a skill; learn a trade and commit to be good at it. | Source


Give yourself a boost by continuously upgrading and updating whatever skill you have chosen. Should the tides change, you are very well on your way to riding the tides high because of your advanced knowledge.

Widen your circle

Sometimes it’s not enough just to be knowledgeable and be an expert in your field; it pays to be on the inner circle as well. When the names have been shortlisted, meaning everyone stands on equal ground when it comes to qualifications, how do employers find their right candidate? It’s who knows who and ‘I can vouch for that kid’ statements then.

Widen your circle.
Widen your circle. | Source

Jump at every opportunity

The word opportunity is subjective. The meaning may be found on the dictionary but its real value depends on how the person perceives it. An opportunity to one may be a stumbling block to another. To be ‘employable’, one must have the ability to stare at a huge rock and see it as a stepping stone (to be stepped upon and get to the higher level) rather than a hindrance to what might be on the other side. Pessimists retreat and look for other roads without stones on the road.


It is imperative not to expect a smooth sail along the way (with competition, you won’t get anything smooth anymore). As early as possible, probably in high school, develop those four things. You’re already a mile ahead than your peers when the need comes.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      More than Just a Graduate: Excellence in the Middle of Competition, education is such an important part of ones life and jumping at every opportunity is great way to progress.


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