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What Are We Doing In Gym Today? Physical Education Games They All Love To Play What Every Student Wants To Know.

Updated on February 20, 2013

Favorite Physical Education Activities

The most asked questions by students has to be "What are we doing in gym today?" I must of heard that question over 100,000 times in my 28 year teaching career. And by now, I have several answers depending on my mood for the day. Of course, I always have something planned but I sometimes get sick of answering that same questions several times throughout the day each time I pass a student in the hallway.

If I were to tell a line of students we were playing one of the favorite physical education activities, while they were passing me in the hall, their teacher could plan on a little disruption in the line as the celebrated the answer so instead, I will say Duck, 'Duck Goose to a 6th grade class or tea party to a group of boys. Then they get the message that they will just have to wait and see what the physical education activity for the day is when they get to the gym.

What Are We Doing In Gym Today?

So really, what are we doing in gym today? Well there are several favorite activites and of course the most favorites usually have to do with running and chasing or throwing balls. We play alot of games that get the students busy right away and keep them moving for most of the PE class as the classes go so fast.

Depending on what age group, the most favorite physical education activites can vary. Elementary students like to run and chase. Middle grade students like to accomplish tasks with diffferent kinds of equipment while high school students like to solve problems and use strategies while incorporating the the physical activities.

So what are we doing in gym today depends on what age group you happen to be working with.

Favorite Elementary Physical Education Activities

The most favorite elementary physical education activities include the following games

What Time is It Mr Fox? One Fox faces wall and closes eyes, chicks line up at other end wall and call out what time is it Mr Fox? Mr Fox answers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11, or 12 o'clock. Chicks take that many steps toward the fox then ask him again. When the fox thinks the chicks are close he answers Midnight and then chases the chicks back ti the wall. If chick gets caught, help catch. Repeat.

Old Mother Witch - One witch stands on the line near end wall facing away from the wall and facing the rest of the class who is on another line 2-3 feet away. Teacher is behind the witch facing children on the line. Children say "Old Mother Witch fell in a ditch, picked up a penny and thought she was rich." Witch then says "whos children are you? Each time the witch asks this the children ghey say "mommies and daddies" unless the teacher holds one finger up behind the witches head, then the children will say "YOURS" and all will run to the far wal,l witch chasing children. If caught by the witch they become a witch too. Repeat.

Charlie Over The Water - Children make a circle and one or two children in the middle of the circle who are Charlie{s} have a soft sponge ball. Circle players sing "Charlie over the water, charlie over the sea, Charlie caught a bluebird but he cant catch me" On the word me all the children scatter,charlie tries to hit players with the ball. If hit, child sits down. Any free player can come over and tap child sitting to free him.

Line Tag - choose one or two children to be it. All players have to stay on the lines in the gym. If caught, sit down and players sitting are roadblocks and other players can not go on that area of the line. Last one caught wins.

Dog Catcher- Put three groups of children in three different corners of the gym leaving one corner open. give them a group dog name { beagles, bull dogs, poodles). One Dogcatcher isin the middle. When the dogcatcher calls your group, you must run to the free corner. If caught, you become a dogcatcher helper. If too many get caught, just have dog catcher pick one helper at a time or just have girl dogs be catchers or boy dogs be catchers

A kindergarten favorite is The Flowers and the Wind

To play choose half off the kids to be the flowers and they go to one end wall the other to be the wind at the other end wall. One group is the flowers and get together and choose a flower to be ( tulip, daffodil, rose etc). They then got to the Wind end and stand in front of the wind. The Wind players try to guess the flower and when they do, they chase the flowers to the other end. Change flowers and wind so others get a chance to be the flowers.

Favorite Middle School Physical Education Activities

The most favorite Middle School Physical Education Activities include:

Ultimate Football - Basketball with a football, obviously passing only, no dribbling, no kicking. When football goes through the hoop, it's a goal.

Mini Hockey- Small games of hockey set up around the gym

No Boundary DodgeBall - Several soft dodgeballs, on the word go, anybody can go after anybody, if hit sit down, they way back in is if a ball rolls toward you and you can get it from your sitting position, you can get back in. Last one in wins. this game could go on for a long time.

Obstacle Couse and Timed Fitness Activities

Favorite High School Physical Education Activities

The most favorite High School Physical Education Activities include:

Ultimate Frisbee - Two teams - object of the game is to pass the frisbee around and throw it to a team mate who is close enough to the endwall to catch it and touch the wall for a point. Defense can intercept. If frisbee hits the floor, the team that last touched it doesn't get it, the other team takes over possession.

Crossing The River - get various equipment out, make up teams and give students the challenge of getting across the gym without touching the floor. They must use the equipment. If someone touches the floor they must start over or the whole team must start over. First team done wins. (Equipment - scooters, mats, bases, newspaper, cones etc)

Badminton Tournaments

Volleyball Tounaments

3 on 3 Basketball Tournaments


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I will follow a teacher any old day! 28 years? You have me beat by ten. My respect for you grows!

      Enjoyed the hub! I taught P.E. a couple of years and it is a challenge at times but also a load of fun.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 5 years ago

      I do not begrudge those that like team sports. I would had been content to run laps for the class. I would have received a greater health benefit than just standing in right field and would not have to deal with the embarrassment that came with flubbing a play. There were other students like me, but we were forced to be on teams where we were the last ones picked and then told to stand on the side and be subs. That was during basketball season. What they did not know was that I actually shot pretty good from the foul line.

    • malonge profile image

      malonge 5 years ago from Western New York On Hubpages

      I'm sorry you hated gym class. It is important to vary the activities for students as there are several that do prefer the more individual type activties and there are Physical fitness units and weight room units now where students do access the bicycles and treadmills. Generally speaking, several students do like the organized team activites. However standing in line waiting for a turn is no fun.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 5 years ago

      I hated gym class. I cannot catch. My eyesight is poor and my eye/had coordination is rough at best.

      I would had rather spent an hour working out---like people pay to do in a fancy gym, instead of choosing up sides and being put out in deep, deep, right feel and for some reason being passed over for my turn at bat.