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Most Effective Treatments For relieving a Pinched Nerve

Updated on January 1, 2014

Before seeking treatment for it, pinched nerve should be fully understood first. In scientific terms, a pinched nerve is a nerve that gets compressed by a tissue hence the name ‘pinched’. For a nerve to get pinched, several possible causes exist. For instance, a pinched nerve may be caused by an accident, trauma, herniated disk, or simply by a twist of the muscle. Whatever the cause may be, once the nerve gets compressed, it loses its ability to function in a normal manner and this loss of proper functioning comes out in the form of a tingling, burning, and numbness feeling. If the feelings are left untreated, the nerve can eventually die completely.

Additionally, a pinched nerve may lead to further complications such as peripheral neuropathy and a tennis elbow. Hence, it is significant that a pinched nerve is taken care of. To cure the pinched nerve for good, below are some of the most effective treatments for a pinched nerve.

Treating a Pinched Nerve

Rest can be the best Treatment
One of the most effective ways to treat nerve pain of any kind is to take some rest. Resting is important because upon suffering nerve damage, our body needs time to heal and without appropriate rest, the treatment is not possible. Moreover, the pain caused by a pinched nerve is severe and can cause a lot of stress. By getting a good amount of rest, the stress levels can be reduced. Thus, people who experience a pinched nerve should try to get as much rest as possible even though it may mean giving up on other things for a few days.

Alternate heat and ice therapy
Heat and ice are natural pain relievers that are not only effective, but their application is also very easy. While application of heat results in improving blood circulation and altering pain perception of the body, ice is anti-inflammatory and it also brings about a numbing effect. However, the effectiveness of these natural pain relievers varies from person to person. For instance, while rubbing an ice pack on the concerned area may work wonders for some people, for others a heating pad may do the job better. For this reason, both of them should be tried and the one that proves to be the most beneficial should be persisted with.

Be open to experiment
A lot of people who suffer from nerve disorders are afraid to try out different treatments and they continue with old traditional remedies regardless of whether they work or not. Unfortunately, this approach to treating a pinched nerve is completely wrong as if a treatment does not seem to be working, it should simply be replaced in favor of an alternative one. Also, repeating a treatment over and over again may deliver results initially, but its effectiveness may diminish as the body gets used to it. Therefore, always be open to experimenting new ways of treating a pinched nerve.

Avoid lifting heavy objects
Lifting heavy objects can result in aggravating the pain and making the condition worse than before. Lifting a heavy weight puts pressure on the back as well as the lumbar spine. Also, an individual should avoid engaging in activities that involve a jarring or sudden movement as they too can trigger the pain.

Massage the effected area
Getting a massage not only feels nice, but it also does a great job in relieving the pain caused by a pinched nerve. Rubbing over the affected area relaxes the mind as well the body, resulting in reduced stress altogether. In addition to this, when done correctly, a massage can aid in loosening up the muscles and restoring them back to full health.

A healthy diet
The fact that people tend to suffer from an increasing number of health problems these days is directly related to their bad eating habits. With fast food restaurants around every other corner and the rising consumption of processed foods, our bodies do not get the essential nutrients and this hinders the immune system greatly. Moreover, a lack of essential nutrients resulting from an unhealthy diet also slows down the healing process and has an adverse effect on the body’s ability to fight pain.

Recognize the symptoms
Dealing with a pinched nerve and treating it effectively requires for the affected person to first understand the reason behind the disorder. While some common reasons for a pinched nerve do exist, the causes vary from person to person and for this reason, blaming a certain cause without proper diagnosis for the problem should be avoided. Hence, it is suggested that at the initial stage, people should try and identify the problems. For reducing the risk of future occurrences, avoid these triggers.

Whereas a pinched nerve can cause a great amount of pain, following the above mentioned treatments can go a long way in curing the pain for good.

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How to Treat a Pinched Nerves


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