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Well Known Weapons of the World

Updated on November 26, 2017

Weapons have been used since the dawn of time, although back then it might have just been a large hunk of wood used to bash people in the face with, in any case there has been many weapons used throughout the world that has become rather well known, Here is my list for the Top Ten most well known weapons in the world.

#10, Morningstar. What's better then a giant hunk of wood? A giant hunk of steel! The Morningstar was used in the time of knights. Primarily used to break armor, The Morningstar could crush an opponents steel helmet with a strong blow to the face. While there are many variations of this spiked fiend they usually are the same. A handle with a thick tip covered with spikes, the initial impact would damage the user if not kill them instantly, the spikes added not only a fear factor to them but also increased the damage by digging into flesh and bone.

#9, European Greatsword. While sometimes called a Bastard Sword, Long Sword or Broad Sword the design is usually the same. A two handed sword too heavy too wield with one hand. While there are several variations such as the Scottish Claymore and the Bidenhander. Either way they are deadly weapons, while heavy they do give the user a longer reach and ability to use harder strikes.

#8, Kama. The Kama is a Japanese farming tool, like many weapons used by the Ninjas they turned this simple farming tool into a weapon. The Kama was mainly used for slicing, cutting through an opponents flesh, it can be used to dual wield and also used as a weapon for Mixed Martial Arts. The Kama also could have a chain connected to the base for throwing and use as a grappling hook if your feeling a little Mission Impossible-ly.

#7, Halberd. Used in the 14th and 15th century the Halberd was deadly. A mixture of a staff and axe the Halberd was incredibly versatile. It could be used as either to stab or cut, since the Halberd usually had a sharp tip one could keep their distance from a target, The Swiss created it to deal with attacks from knights, The spear point could be used to push back approaching men on horseback while the hook that was opposite of the axe head could be used to pull horsemen to the ground.

#6, Crossbow. The bow and arrows relative The Crossbow was used by mainly East Asia, Europe and The Mediterranean. Also known as the Horizontal Bow the Crossbow became a valuable weapon in many wars and battles of the past. Crossbows were easy to use and required little training to use, since the Bow and Arrow required alot of training to use The Crossbow became inexpensive. There have been of course many variations throughout the years. Push levers, pull levers and even ones where you must crank it. Oh and they also shoot bolts, so that's, that's pretty cool.

#5, Cutlass. A sword used in a variety of places in the 17th and 18th century. Mostly known as a sailors weapon the cutlass was a descendant of the Falchion. Usually a straight or slight curved blade with a hand guard, Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones would probably be the only guys you know who have used one. The blade could be used for slashing or thrusting and due to the handguard there was no need to worry about your hand getting stabbed, this weapon required a little more footwork rather then just plain brute force.

#4, Battle Axe. The battle axe is a weapon used in much of Europe, Asia and The Middle East. Basically its a long handle with a sharp curved or straight edge at the end. Vikings and many European knights have used these carnage inflicting weapons. Since more power can be put into the end then a sword it created deep wounds if not simply cleaving whatever part that the axe was aimed at off.

#3, Boomerang. Okay we have all heard of one of these bad-boys, used in Australia for hunting or even just for entertainment. Made out of hard wood it is created in the shape of a strange V, known wildly throughout the world to be able to come back to whomever thrown it, unless a tree gets in the way. Trees, the boomerangs worst enemy. While it can be used as a melee weapon it is primarily used as a thrown weapon. When thrown it could be fatal or cause a big injury to small to medium animals while if it was thrown at a large animal it could injure it greatly depending on the spot you hit.

#2, Katana. In a list of the best known weapons of course the Katana is going to be listed. A favored weapon for the Samurai of Feudal Japan. It is a long slightly curved blade, the hilt wrapped with cloth and the sheath could be made out of bamboo, wood or metal. The Katana was also carried around with a Wakazashi, a smaller blade similiar to the Katana. In Ancient Japan only Samurai were know to carry around the blades.

#1, Gladius. Usually known as a Gladiator Sword the Gladius was a weapon used in rome. A fully equipped Roman Legionary could most always be seen with the Gladius, a shield, a javelin or two and a short dagger. The Gladius was a double bladed short sword, while mainly used with an accompanying shield the sword could also be dual wielded to a rather deadly combination. It was used as a stabbing tool primarily but the blade could still indeed cut and the pommel could be used for a hard knock to the head.

Anyways that is my list of the top ten most well know weapons from around the world, if you like my article and want to see more just write in the comment what you want me to do a list of.


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