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Moths: The Root of All Evil

Updated on April 24, 2012

If any of you knew me in real life, you would know that I adore every living creature. I like spiders, snakes, and all the other things most people are afraid of. I tear up every time I am forced to kill a spider that could cause danger to myself or my loved ones. I tell them I'm sorry, but they are dangerous and they can't live in my house. There are, however, a few insects or insect-like creatures that I cannot tolerate: Mosquitoes, flies, and as of today, moths.
There are obvious reasons for disliking mosquitoes: They are disgusting, they suck our blood, they carry diseases, after they suck your blood you itch forever, among other things. Equally valid reasons for disliking flies: They're beyond annoying, they're gross, and they're sneaky and hard to kill. Moths are a little more laid back. They just want to fly around your lights and eat your clothes, right? No big deal. BUT THEY'RE SO CREEPY! I had 3 moths in my house a few minutes ago, now I have one. I safely and humanely removed them from my house, but one of them flew back in before I could close the door. And now he is hiding from me! The reason I find moths so creepy, is that they are basically fearless. Or just really stupid. You try to capture them, and they fly at your head, and flop around in your hair! And when you aren't trying to safely remove them from your house, they just sit there, staring at you (or at least that's what my paranoid brain tells me). I don't know about you guys, but I can't stand anything that just sits and stares at me, which is why I'm not a cat person. Seriously, it just freaks me out. Gives me the shivers, and all that junk. Typing this is making me cringe.

Ways to Humanely Remove and Repel Moths

You may be wondering, so are you just going to talk about pointless crap all day, or tell me what to do to get rid of these evil creatures? I was getting to that! And here it is:
If you already have a moth in your house, get a cup, and a sheet of paper. Place the cup over the moth, and slide the paper over the opening of the cup. Take the creepy little fella' outside, and set him free. Problem solved.
If you are like me, and you have a mandatory light outside your door, chances are, this will lead to even more moths fluttering into your house. So, here are some natural, humane ways to repel moths.
1. Lavender - Dried lavender leaves placed in little cloth bags, will keep moths away. Soaking cotton balls in lavender oil and placing them in cups will keep moths away as well.

2. Mint leaves - Do the same with the mint leaves as the lavender leaves. You can also mix lavender and mint, if you prefer.

Since I don't really have a moth problem relating to my clothes, just on my walls, I have opted to spray lavender oil on the light outside my door. I checked outside a few minutes after doing this, and the moths were still outside, but they were definitely keeping their distance from the light and my door. Success! I do wonder how long this will last before I have to spray again, though.
Want some other tips and tricks on how to repel moths?
Check out
Know some tips or tricks that weren't listed? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great, moth-free day!


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    • RosemaryHale profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Texas

      Thank you :)

    • urmilashukla23 profile image


      7 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA

      Great hub. Useful and voted up!


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