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Mourning The Deceased and Moving On With Life

Updated on August 19, 2015
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Ms. Quick is an experienced writer for over 30 years, and a self-published author, including many other talents.


The Pain from Loss

The pain of losing someone to death is very devastating and painful. Many people continue to mourn years after the funeral. Violent and Sudden Deaths are harder to deal with as opposed to someone who died after a long period of sickness or suffering because the notion of death is already there, but violent and sudden deaths are unexpected. Unexpected deaths are a shock to the system for family left behind to mourn.

I have lost family members before and I experienced the sadness of losing a dear, love one. However, when I lost a dear love one who I thought was strong, healthy and young to death all of a sudden, it was the worst emotional pain ever. Perhaps it hurt so much because it was quick and all of a sudden and the person was young. I thought we had more time together! That is why we should not take time with people for granted. We need to realize that life is serious and precious.

Many people suffer from mourning in privacy and do not know which way to turn. After the family have left and the funeral service is over, we have to deal with the loss, and memories alone within ourselves.

The Effects of Loss

Witnessing death is especially hard to deal with in mourning a loved one. Post Traumatic Shock Disorder (PTSD) is a side effect of death and witnessing it. I suffered from PTSD when I witnessed my mother in ICU being resuscitated. My mother was on a breathing machine and to see a nurse on her chest pressing down on top of her was very traumatic to watch. Afterwards, when I see someone do CPR on TV or hearing an ambulance and seeing a grave brings back traumatic feelings.

Although I have PTSD at times, I resort back to my strength from the Lord. He strengthened me. Also, I know that certain deceased loved ones are still with me and send me special messages that only we understand and remember. We all have the ability to hear them or receive special messages from them, if we are tuned to receiving it.


Relieving the Pain

Realize there is a such thing as fate. When someone dies, it was their time to die. For them to be in such a place at such a time, with such person, and they died in such an event; was meant to be no matter how much we tried or wanted to stop it, it happens.

They lived their life. Now we have to live our own life until God calls us home and our time to die comes. Death is a part of life, just as birth. After I lost dear loved ones to death it strengthen my belief in God. The bible states that Jesus has the keys to death, not the Devil (Revelation 1:18). The bible, church, religion and my faith has helped to sustain me during my mourning of others which I still face often till this day.

Steps to Relieving the Pain

  • Cry if you need to and let out the pain.
  • Accept the things that we cannot change.
  • Realize life is serious and precious.
  • Remain positive and loving and strive to live a good life.
  • Think of the happy memories of them.
  • Reach out to a church and family or friends.
  • Go to a support group for bereavement. Check out the links below.
  • Ask Ms. LaLa for spiritual advice -
  • Talk to someone or psychologist.
  • Soothing music also relieves the pain of loss.
  • Eat properly and get plenty rest.
  • Have Faith and Hope.



Look Up

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"I'll Mourn Ya Till I Join Ya"

RIP "Rest in Peace" to my Mama, to my Fiance and to all loved ones in America and to all slain victims of the War in North Africa in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan and Afghanistan. Stop the war! Stop the violence!

© 2015 Ms Quick


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