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Moving slower in a fast paced world

Updated on June 2, 2017
This is a perfect picture, for moving slowly in a fast paced world
This is a perfect picture, for moving slowly in a fast paced world

Moving Slower in Fast Paced World

Have you ever noticed that as the years progress the world moves faster? With everything based on computers and the internet things have become limitlessly instant or so it seems. The limitless amounts of information are right at your fingertips. In today’s day and age, everything has to be done fast, or else it’s not worth doing, or things have to come in limitless amounts or it is not worth having, or so it seems don’t you think? People don’t do things slowly anymore, which is sad because now things aren’t being enjoyed when they are being done, like a job or a favorite hobby, they are just getting done for the sake of getting done. Everyone has heard stop and smell the rose’s right? How many people actually do that today? If you asked people to stop and smell the roses what do you think their response would be?

When you go to a person today and ask them to stop and smell the roses, their first response is what is does that mean? The phrase "stop and smell the roses", means stop and take things a bit slower, look at what you are doing, take care in what you are doing don’t just do it to do it. A lot of things are done that way now because today’s world is so fast paced that when you slow down you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere right? We have our minds set to move limitlessly fast throughout life, without really seeing it. Which is not the way life was intended to be lived.

Take time to watch the cars go by or go see someone you haven’t seen in a while. It would make you happy and might give you a new perspective. In today’s world, everyone is caught up in what has to be done because everything moves so fast and is always changing that they aren’t looking at the bigger picture. For example, if you have older relatives that you know can’t get out much, why not go visit them. Sure you might be busy but making time for those who can’t do what you can do is a great way to show that you care, or even having a coffee at home or going out for coffee and talking to a friend that you haven’t seen, and I mean talking face to face for an hour not texting or looking at your iPad while you are with said friend.

If you slow down your life, you will see that moving fast because everything else is not always the best way. If we move slower in this world today we will notice that we are missing so much. We are missing certain things when life is so fast paced, for example, just the sense of nature or person to person contact. For example, you might have a great job and a great car, but why would you want to drive the car everywhere, why not go for a nature walk or just a walk in general, smell the new smells of spring that are around you. I know that it is still really cold right now but when it warms up, why not try doing that rather than driving to your destination. Take things slower, think about what is going on in detail rather than, the big picture and it takes five minutes to figure out.

Going slower in life will essentially make you go faster  because you will see more and learn limitless ways to make things work differently for you
Going slower in life will essentially make you go faster because you will see more and learn limitless ways to make things work differently for you

Things aren't instant even though that is what people might want

People want things instantly now with the way the world is but what happens when it is gone? It won’t be here forever. So why take things for granted now, if you can walk somewhere walk somewhere if you can meet up with a friend instead of taking on the phone why not that do? Give your time whether you have it or not make time, the slower you go through life the more you are going to get out of it. Sure the world seems fast-paced, but that is because we have made it that way, with texting, the internet driving, and online shopping. These are just a few of the things that are faster than actually doing it the manual way, like going to the store to look for something, walking from place to place, meeting up with a friend rather than talking on the phone, going to do research at a library using books. These are things that are still available to us, but we choose to move in fast paced world and take the easier way out.

Why not move a bit slower, and actually think about what you are doing. Talk it out face to face, don’t text it, or call see the person isn’t personal contact better than sending things through phones. You are getting back to the way it was before cell phones or even telephones even existed, or the internet. I know, I know where would be without the internet. Computer and cell phones today?

We would be lost. We also need to realize what we are missing because of the use of technology and all this fast paced stuff that we do. So why not move a bit slower, take a walk and look at the trees outside or, have a coffee with a friend and catch up, sure it takes time but the slower we move the more we will get out of certain things. If you move slowly in this fast paced world things are seen clearer and people are a lot calmer because they aren’t rushing around. With everything so fast paced now, everyone always seems to be in a rush, why is that things can wait what is most important to you can’t.

So think about what is most important to you in this fast paced world and take it slowly see how much that helps you. For example I went out with my aunt last week, we went sightseeing to a few places that I have never been to before, it was interesting because we took our time and enjoyed the scenery, we didn’t think about work, or our cell phones we just spent time with each other and that is what life is all about isn’t it? It was a nice slow leisurely day, we didn’t worry about what time it was, we just went at our own pace and when we got there we got there, it didn’t matter. That is what I mean about, moving slowly in a fast paced world. Enjoy what you have now, and the people around you because one day they won’t be there and you might regret it. Sure the world is fast paced, but why not take your time to enjoy what you have? You never know when it isn’t going to be there.

Slow down and enjoy what is around you
Slow down and enjoy what is around you

Slow down and enjoy

Slow down and enjoy life, take the time to smell the roses, as people might say. That is how people move slower in a fast paced world. The world continues at a limitless fast pace but that doesn't mean we have to do it too, or does it? Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed slowly it is not meant to be lived and enjoyed fast without actually seeing what is going on around you. So remember to slow down and enjoy what you have now you will be happier in the end.

Do you think we move slowly through a fast paced world or do you think we keep up and move fast?

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Louise, I have taken steps this week to change things that stress me. Reducing some on my online time and do other interesting things or just relaxing worked for me the few days I have done this. Thanks for more insights.