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Mr. Trump vs. Dr. Carson: what's best, business or medicine?

Updated on September 26, 2015

Maybe is not an issue of education in Medicine or in Business: what does character have to do with it?

Weeks ago as I contemplated writing this discourse, the issue that I found myself grappling with had to do with "Which kind of occupation provided one with the best background to be President of the United States of America, a medical background or a business background?" After have had time to observe Donald Trump and Ben Carson for a few weeks, and after the second Republican debate of 2015, my concerns have shifted from "the education and occupational experiences" that these two men have had, to the question of character.

Anyone who reads newspapers or watch the news on televisions have seen Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump in action (as we can observe through seeing them and hearing them speak on television and by reading reports on their activities and speeches in newspapers, some important things about them).

"Isn't it funny how time slips away," as the words in George Jones' old song reminds us. I am saying this because we are getting to know Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump better and better as time moves forward.

All other things being equal, it appears, from the research that I have done, that a person with an excellent business education and the right kind of life experiences have a better chance for being successful as a President of the United States that a Medical Doctor, even a doctor who is a surgeon, unless he or she has a significant amount of experience outside of the context of the Medical arena.

If one would like to see an excellent example of a physician, and a surgeon, who is highly qualified to run the country as President of the United States of America, we have a great example of such a person here in Tennessee. His name is Dr. Bill Frist (William Harrison Frist) M.D., who was in office from January 3, 1995 to January 3, 2013, and served his country as a United States Senator from Tennessee. He was Senate Majority Leader for a time.

Dr. Frist earned his first degree from Princeton University (an A.B.) and he earned his (M.D. degree) from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Frist was a very successful person working as a Cardiothoracic surgeon, a professor, as a business person, and as a Senator. He is also a great philanthropist.

I don't like making value judgements this way, but is very obvious that neither Mr. Trump or Dr. Carson is in the same class (or should I say, they are not at the same level of achievement) as Dr. Frist when it comes to being a great politician. In comparison to these two men, Dr. Frist is in a class all to himself. It is very uncomfortable for me to have to say these things but I am writing the truth.

Now concerning "character." This is another situation all together. I have asked myself, "why should I put myself out of the way and risk offending people by judging Mr. Trump's and Dr. Carson's characters?" I don't have to do this so I want.

Actually, it is the little things that cause a person to question peoples characters or to feel bad about their actions or inactions. For example, U.S. Congressperson Marsha Blackburn is my Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. I met her and talked to her when she was a Tennessee State Senator, and I liked her a lot. She told me, "If you ever need any help let me know." I was there for a day, at the Tennessee Senate (while they were in session) as the chaplain of the Day. I was a Vanderbilt University Divinity School student (I have since then, graduated) and had been invited to the place where the Tennessee State Senate meets, to pray for them and to observe that day's session. It was a wonderful experience.

Since that time, I have come on some "hard times," some fairly challenging situations with my life and need advise, and help, if I can get it, from my Representative, Marsha Blackburn. I wrote to her, using her official website, just this year 2015, but did not get any response back. I did not know how to feel about this lack of response, back, concerning my problem. I decided to just let it go and not write her back. She is probably to busy working on bigger problems than mine, I said to myself. "And who am I to make demands on her time, I said to myself?"

I will share the problem that I wrote to her about, with you, my readers, because it is not all that personal.

"It was a time in my life when I was a young man, in the U.S. Navy, serving aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Essex (CVS-9), that was home-ported in Quonset Point, Rhode Island, a small peninsula in Narragansett Bay. That was in 1966 to 1967. I was working early in the morning when I fell off the side of the aircraft carrier, into the ice-cold water, from the hanger-deck level, it was very cold weather, in the Month of January. They got me out of the cold water, treated me for my hypothermia, gave me 2 weeks of "light-duty work," then released me from "the doctor's care, at sick-bay." As a result of that incident I was left with a bad back (back pain), essential hypertension, and other issues that need not be mentioned here. I was never normal again after that experience.

Now here is the reason why I felt that I need help from my Representative in the House of Congress.

I went on to serve my country for 20 years in the United States Navy, although my health has never been good since that fall from the side of the ship. And after retiring from the Navy, I returned back to my family farm to help take care of my parents who both were suffering from ill health.

I approached the VA System more than once to get some help for myself but I was told that I could not get full benefits because "my Navy records, including my old medical records were burned up in a warehouse fire." I wrote Representative Marsha Blackburn about this situation, explaining everything in great details, but never heard back from her. I assumed that it must not have been important enough to deserve her attention.

Now what I am saying is, I believe that we see people upset with our system of government and have a need for a "real change" in government at the National Level because of small things like what I am suffering from. Will Mr. Trump or Dr. Carson give problems like mine special attention? Probably not! Look at the situation. I got hurt a long time ago. My military records got burned up in a government warehouse. I am just one guy. Who cares? This is a serious problem with the system, however, that will never go away. What makes a guy like Pope Francis so powerful is, "he sincerely cares for small people like myself, and want to help people solve the problems of Life."

Land is so valuable here in my hometown. I hate it. Taxes are too high.
Land is so valuable here in my hometown. I hate it. Taxes are too high. | Source
One care raise a lot of money for one's campaign here in my hometown.
One care raise a lot of money for one's campaign here in my hometown. | Source
Unlike Dr. Carson, Mr. Trump main agenda was not to raise campaign money. His purpose is gain support and to win votes. Winning is everything with Mr. Trump. Politics is strictly business with him.
Unlike Dr. Carson, Mr. Trump main agenda was not to raise campaign money. His purpose is gain support and to win votes. Winning is everything with Mr. Trump. Politics is strictly business with him. | Source


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