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Multiple Choice Questions on Upper Limb Anatomy:Humerus & Radius

Updated on October 31, 2013

Why Multiple Choice Questions on Upper Limb Anatomy ?

Any student of medicine, nursing or allied health studies anatomy of the skeletal system as one of the the first units in their school. Often students find it difficult to remember the names of parts of these bones.

Most of the questions from this section will be recall type questions. Learning by taking tests is a good way to revise the anatomy of bones as it helps to retain memory for a longer time.

The Humerus-Introduction

The humerus is a long bone with a shaft and two extremities. Head of the humerus articulates the scapula to form the shoulder joint. The upper end of the bone has head of humerus, greater tubercle and lesser tubercle

The shaft of the humerus has three borders; anterior border, lateral border and medial border

It also has three surfaces; anterolateral surface, anteromedial surface and posterior surface

The lower end of the humerus is flat and has both articular (Capitulum and Troclea) and non-articular parts. (medial and lateral epicondyles, medial and lateral supracondylar ridges, coronoid fossa, radial fossa and lecranon fossa.

The humerus ossifies from one primary center and seven secondary centers.

The three nerves directly related to humerus are axillary nerve, radial nerve and ulnar nerve

The common sites of fracture for humerus are the surgical neck, shaft and the supracondylar region

Features of the Humerus - Anatomy Tutorial

MCQs on Humerus

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X-ray of arm showing absent radius and radially deviated hand, caused by Thrombocytopenia and Absent Radius syndrome


The Radius - Introduction

The radius is bone of the forearm.

It is placed laterally.

Radius has

  • Upper end

  • Shaft

  • Lower end

Upper end of radius-Anatomical Land marks

  • Hyaline cartilage covers the disc shaped head of the radius

  • Upper end of the radius articulates with the humerus at the capitulum

  • The superior radio ulnar joint is formed by the head of the radius, radial notch of the ulna and the annular ligament

  • Radial fossa is a non-articular part at the lower end of humerus which accommodates the head of the radius when the elbow is fixed

The Shaft of the radius-Anatomical Land marks

The shaft has three borders

  • Anterior

  • Posterior

  • Medial

It also has three surfaces

  • Anterior

  • Posterior

  • Lateral

Right posterior human distal radius and ulna


Radius and Ulna - Anatomy Tutorial

Lower end of radius-Anatomical Land marks

The land marks of the lower end of radius are

  • Dorsal tubercle of Lister

  • Ulnar notch

  • Styloid process

Biceps Brachii


Attachments on the radius are

  • Biceps brachii

  • Supinator

  • Pronator teres

  • Brachioradialis

  • Flexor digitorum superficialis

  • Flexor pollicis longus

  • Pronator quadratus

  • Abductor pollicis longus

  • Extensor pollicis brevis

  • Quadrate ligament

  • Oblique cord

  • Articular capsule of the wrist joint

  • Articular disc of the radio ulnar joint

  • Extensor retinaculum

  • Inter-osseous membrane

Ossification of Radius

There are three ossification centers for radius. One at the centre of the body and two others at lower and upper ends. Ossification at the shaft start very early n fetal life (around eighth week). Ossification of the lower end of the bone commences earlier (at around second year) than that of the upper end(around fifth year).


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