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Multiverse hypothesis

Updated on April 5, 2016

According to the hypothesis about the multiverse, in at least a few of the universe are to coexist, each person on Earth will have a "copy" is basically the same. The idea that arouse the imagination of people, making the theory of multiverse, however vague, but very popular, according to the BBC.

Historically, the idea of the multiverse originates from the 16th century. The middle of the 16th century, Copernicus that the Earth was not the center of the universe. Galileo then endorse this theory through a telescope a few decades later, with a partial glimpse of the universe.

From there, the end of the 16th century, the Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno speculated that the universe may be infinite, with a lot of the world.

There are many hypotheses about Solar systems in the universe became popular in the 18th century.

Until the early 20th century, the Irish physicist Edmund Fournier d'Albe even hint that there may be an infinite regression of the universe "the cage" at each other in the different scale. According to this view, a single atom can be regarded as one of the solar system has true life.

Today's scientists have denied most models Cosmology Russian doll style. They suggest 5 multi models Cosmology may have.

Discrete multiverse

Multi models Cosmology is a consequence of the infinite universe. We cannot deny this theory though not sure it's true. Accordingly, the universe divided into many separate regions, the region can not recognize the other, due to the size of the universe is too big.

The estimated age of the universe at about 13.8 billion years, so anything that is outside the scope of 13.8 billion light years are no way to get to know. Can treat each such area is a separate universe. If this is true, there will be countless "island universe"-like universe that people know and are sure to have many worlds similar to the Earth.

Seems hard to believe that the atom will arrange exactly the same way to create a copy of the Earth, or a copy of another only a few small details. But if the infinite of the real world, a place so be sure to survive, even as there are many.

With the same logic as such, will have to have a copy of our universe in a way very far, distance 118 Cap 10 CAP by 10 meters.

However, there may be a finite universe. In the case that the universe is infinite, matter can only focus on one corner of the universe, that is, the other place is just about zero. But so far, no clear evidence of this hypothesis.

Inflationary multiverse

The second theory about multiple universes is derived from the theory of the formation of the universe-the Big Bang explosion. Accordingly, the universe began with a very small spots then expand very fast in a ball of fire. In time a very small fraction of a second immediately after the explosion, the speed can expand far beyond the speed of light. This process is known as "inflation".

Inflation theory explains why the Universe evenly in places observed. However, the original status that would have disturbed by very small changes. The Department has promoted this Christmas will also back a strong expansion in the style of inflation. Evidence of these fluctuations were kept in the cosmic microwave background radiation left over after the Big Bang.

The telescopes mounted on satellites has been used to detect the fluctuations are very detailed, comparing them with the predictions of the theory of inflation, for the matches very well, that is inflation really happened.

According to the current perspective, the Big Bang happened many times, when there is a region of space no matter but was filled by energy, called the "false vacuum".

This region will then expand the type of inflation as an inflatable ball with very high speed. Inside it, the universe, the "vacuum" may appear constantly. This is the same universe with 13.8 billion year old universe that people know.

This script is called "eternal inflation". It shows a number of possibly infinite-the universe appear and grow together. However the speed move very fast, despite going the speed of light also could not catch up.

British Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees said that the multiverse theory inflation will put to a "Copernican revolution of the fourth": after Copernicus that the Earth is only one of the planets around the Sun, we realized the Sun also is just one of the many stars of the milky way and other stars have planets orbiting around them. Next, we discovered the Milky Way Galaxy is a Galaxy similar to the myriad of galaxies in an expanding universe. And now, even the universe could well is just one of countless universes.

Not sure about the proof of the correctness of this theory of eternal inflation, could help solve one of the most difficult problems of modern physics.

Some physicists have long been looking for a "theory of everything", or the theory of universal gravitation, a set of laws, or just a simple equation can be used to infer all other laws of physics. But the possibility of them finding out so much more than the number of particles in the universe. As the theory of strings (string theory), the candidate of "final theory" has a number of giant solution: 1 and 500 0 behind. Each solution back up a group of laws of physics, and no clear reason to choose one of them and ignore the rest.

Multiverse inflation freed us from the burden of choice. Every universe in which can have different physical laws, determined according to one or a few of the solutions.

In the universe we're living, the fundamental physical constants there seems a certain tweaks required to make life exist. For example, the electric power from just another small discrepancy, the atoms will become unsustainable. Just change the 4%, every thermonuclear on the stars, the reactions needed to create the carbon atoms to body life will stop.

Similarly, there is a delicate balance between gravity (shrink the universe) and dark energy (expanded universe) to the stars may form that the universe does not collapse. This is the mystery made many people believe that the hand of God's arrangement. But if the multiverse had real inflation, all the laws of physics may be right in a certain place, offers a different explanation.

In each universe would have a set suitable to a developing life forms. The creatures are intellectual will again try to go find out about his luck. In the universe set is not suitable for life, will not put the question.

Here is an example of "human unit theory": If things are not right in the way we find out, we will not be here to ask the question.

With many physicists and philosophers, this is only one way to solve the problem elusive. How to test the assertion? However, unless you have a different interpretation of the natural law, there will be people that all set to happen thanks to the hand of the Lord. Astronomers Bernard Carr did not hesitate to say "If you don't believe in God, you should believe in the multiverse"


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