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Mum Jailed over truant child

Updated on February 22, 2008

Shall a mum be jailed for allowing child to truant? It is not common in developing countries such as China, but we can find many cases in Britain.

Ann Watson who is 40 from South Shields was locked up for allowing her 13-year-old daughter Laura to routinely skip lessons, her excuses are bullying in school, harassment from neighbours at home, and having a violent partner. As she was led away to cells, her 16-year-old son shouted: "Don't worry, mam, you'll be OK."

Dawn Joyce who are 40 from Wolverhampton also allowed 14-year-old Carrie Ann to stay at home if she needed to tidy her bedroom, had cat hair on her trousers, was too tired , or had dyed her hair and did not like the colour.

Patricia Amos, who is 43 and a mother of five, was sentenced in Banbury, Oxfordshire, for not ensuring two of her daughters regularly attended school.

A mum from derby city also jailed for allowing child to truant. She had been prosecuted three times and had previously received fines on two occasions. On the third appearance before the court in august, she had been given a deferred prison sentence and given time to attend parenting classses and liaise with the city's education welfare staff. but she also failed.

According Three-character Classic (San Zi Jing) :

To feed without teaching,

is the father's fault.

To teach without severity,

is the teacher's laziness.

Allowing your children to truant is depriving them of their best chance in life, but is it so serious that parents should be jailed?


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