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Music And Personality

Updated on December 12, 2017
 Music and Personality they go hand and hand
Music and Personality they go hand and hand

Music and Mood

Music can be limitless. The question is can it affect your mood in a limitless way? It can be depending on the type of music your listening to at the time. Music can affect your mood at any hour or of whatever type of day you are having. What do you think? Why not ask someone who is really into music. Ask them if it can be limitless. Depending on your mood depends on what type of music you listen to at that time. For example, if you are in a bad mood what type of music do you listen to, screaming type of music heavy metal type of music that sort of thing. But if you are in a good mood you are listening to more upbeat types of music. Can the type of music on the radio at the time or your cars Cd's affect your mood for the day? Some people might argue that the type of music they listen to doesn’t affect their mood while others might argue that it does, it just depends on the type of person.

Why not try and do a poll with your friends to see if when there mood changes when their music choice changes, I know that when my mood changes my music choice does. I am really into music it is a part of my everyday life, so does the type of music that I listen to affect my mood yes I would say that it does. Although I am not one to listen to Cd's, most of the time I have the radio on so whatever is playing is playing. Let’s say, there was screaming music on the station that I was listening to, along with everything else I liked, so I wouldn’t change the station. No, I would just listen to the music even though I don’t really like the screaming music or orchestra music without any singing but I can handle orchestra music better than the screaming music. I like more pop, hip-hop and country types of music. If I am in a happy mood I listen to hop, and hip-hop mostly when I am in a sad mood it is mostly country, but it doesn’t go that way all the time.

For most people music is uplifting so when they have it on to work, or workout it makes them feel limitless like they can do anything. Isn’t that what music is supposed to do, make you feel limitless and like you can do anything? For example, people may or may not be able to agree with this, music helps you get work done better, whether it be school work, or working in an office. Or it can help you get limitless amounts of things done. When I was doing what we would call in college a blitz day when I went to school for journalism, and on blitz day you could work anywhere after you got your interviews and pictures, to write your story you could use anything that helped get the work done. So people would sit in groups and talk, or go into a different room by themselves to write or you could be me I put my iPod in and wrote with music playing in my ears, the teachers didn’t care they said whatever helps you get the work done do it.

Music for me most of the time puts me in a good mood, but there is music that can put you in a bad mood and it has sometimes. Although I choose to look for the good music so that I am for the most part in a good mood, what type of music do you listen to and what type of mood does it put you in?

Music is limitless, it can give you a sense of freedom depending on the song you are listening to at the time. Music can clear your mind and that is why it can give you the sense of freedom that I just mentioned. Music is a mood elevator or at least it is for me because it just gets me going and it keeps me going that is why I always have music on when I work. I know that most people keep music on while they work because it elevates their mood and keeps them going.

Music and Personality

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Music Is Just That Music

It can be limitless in a sense that it can keep you going since the beat is so uplifting. The beat is what makes you want to keep going because it gets your blood pumping to do whatever it is that you have to do. It can brighten your mood and make you happy which in turn makes you move faster and you feel as though anything you do during the time that the music is on that everything is limitless.

Music has its own personality which when you listen to it rubs off on you and it makes you think of things in a different way. Some music has limitlessly different personalities in each stanza depending on what type of music that you are listening too. It can give you pause about what you are doing and make you think about it in a different way, or it can give you inspiration for something else that you weren't even thinking about.

Moods and Music go together like bread and butter because most people's moods change with the beat of music whatever that beat it is their moods will change to accommodate the music's mood that you are listening. For example, I write more with upbeat music or a specific artist's music playing in the background versus not having music on at all. Having music on brightens my mood and keeps my writing groove going. It helps me not only in my writing but when I clean the house I have music on, it puts me in a happier mood to do the dreaded task of cleaning, nobody likes cleaning do they, and that is why most of the time they have music on to keep them going.

Music normally puts everyone in a good mood and that is why most people like it. It makes them think of limitless happy thoughts, and it makes them feel as though they can do anything because the music just has that persona about it. Or at least that is what I think. Music and mood for everyone is different, it can do limitless things to a person mood, in my opinion, make them happy make them think of things that they would never have thought of just because a specific song was playing,

Music helps me brighten my mood, it helps me when I am struggling with things. It gives me a new perspective when I need it, and that is why it is so essential for moods because it makes you go out of your own mind and into the mind of the singer to feel what they felt and relate the song back to your life and how can help you like it helped them. That is how I look at it and how and why most songs put me in a good mood.

Music is a mood in and of itself, It is just a different way of describing a mood, that is what makes music and mood limitless in their own right. That is why music and mood go hand and hand or at least that is why I think that music and mood go hand and hand.

What mood music looks like
What mood music looks like

Music and Mood is Limitless

Music is limitless it can do a limitless number of things to a person depending on what a person wants to get out of it. Music is a mood all on its own which is why it is limitless or at least it is to me. Do you think that music and mood are Limitless?

Do you think Music affect people's personality and moods?

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      I like almost any music I always listen to music

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      When I want to feel upbeat and energetic, I really enjoy punk rock. When I'm in the mood to relax, I usually throw on something from The Cure or that somber Goth rock!