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My Classmates And I Left Our Teacher When He Was Writing On Blackboard

Updated on July 21, 2014

I was living in a small village. It was about nine kilometers away from the downtown. There was no electric equipment at that time. We used traditional lamp with fire. The road was an original land with stones everywhere. On sunny, the dust flew over the air made our skins turned into gray. However, the air was so fresh and there was no pollution. I could enjoy the beauty of nature.

On the other hand, the generation got little access to formal education. Fortunately, we had two informal educations in the afternoon and in the evening. We learned about culture, moral, and religion in these schools. We had two formal schools, actually, but those were not well managed.

There was no registration in these formal schools. I came into this school when I was four years old. My female friend carried me like a baby. It was about 500 meters away from my house, it was too far for me. Since that time I had been a student. I did not understand what I did there. I just came, sat, and did the assignments, but I asked my classmates to finish it.

I did not understand what had happened. The teachers often did not come to school, we were so happy. We could back home in the morning. When I was in the third grade, I used to go to rice field with some friends searching snakes or insects. I was an animal lover. We did it without changing our uniform. Another thing was considered so funny was many students came to school wear sandals or without anything. No need to wear shoes. Some students also worked as farmers and sometimes brought the farming equipment to school.

Our headmaster was so special. He was so old, actually. He was so famous. One thing we always remembered and we perhaps will never forget it, our headmaster used to teach us too long. We had been so familiar going home in the morning, but he was teaching us until 12:30 even 01:00 pm. We should go to religious school at 01:30 pm.

We were thinking and discussing how to stop it. Some students went home immediately when they heard that the teacher did not come. They were afraid our headmaster taught them. Our headmaster usually taught us social science. He was not really able to teach mathematics. In these school, all teachers could teach everything they wanted, there was no schedule.

Finally, one of us who sat in the second line had an idea. He was my close friend. We were in the fourth grade at that time. As usual, the teacher wrote the lesson on the blackboard. It was not the point of the lesson, but all contains of the book chapter. Some teachers used to have the student write, but our headmaster did it by himself.

The boy in the second line suddenly turned around and said with a very soft voice, “Go home?” the others responded by nodding.

“Come on!”

One of us who sat in the back corner had the first chance to get out. There were two doors of that classroom, in front side and in the back side. Then, one by one we got out of the class.

It was so funny. I couldn’t stand to hold my laugh when I remembered it. In the afternoon, some of us who studied in the same religious school met and discussed about it. We laughed together and questioned everyone who was the latest one. The following day we rounded up again asking each other who was the latest one.

I hope God forgive us. I hope God forgive all of our faults, and our teacher’s as well. We so thankful as we have a better life and better education now.


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    • Sunardi profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Indonesia

      Thanks for reading it, Ann. I always remember it when I passed the school.

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      4 years ago from SW England

      Great memories! How many of us have done things like this at school, hoping to get away with it? Young children love playing pranks; I'm sure the headmaster would've seen the funny side of it. Anyway, it was his fault for turning his back on you for so long!



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