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My Close Call With A Harry Creature

Updated on September 21, 2011

close encounter

all rights reserved/copyright, permission given by artist
all rights reserved/copyright, permission given by artist

Strange Hunt

Back in the ninety's, I got to go on several hunting trips on some rural land out in the countryside of Georgia. The particular land that our group leased back then was extremely hilly and forested and loaded with huge rocks and boulders. We hunted White tailed deer and many big ones were spotted on top of a high hill. My cousin helped me construct a nice deer stand in a tall hardwood tree right on top of the hill near a heavily wooded area, where there always seemed to be a lot of fresh signs that a large buck deer had been traveling and eating honeysuckle blossoms, near the site of my perch in the tree. I arrived to my stand around six-thirty on that Saturday morning. I liked to be up and settled in my stand about thirty minutes before sun light, and it was still very dark when I arrived. I climbed into my stand and settled in, as the cold air licked at my nose and ears. As i pulled my hat down over my ears, I heard a loud rustling noise off to my right and behind my stand. I assumed it was a big deer or some other animal and pulled my collar up around my neck. I sat back against my tree and began to drift off to a light sleep. I was a wakened by an assortment of sounds, including a noisy bird that wanted to share the same perch with me. The grey morning mists began to drift across the landscape below me and the first shafts of the morning sun began to bath the trees and grassy scenery out in front of my stand. Several brown does and their young fawns scampered off in the distance, as my spirits picked up, and the excitement became electrically charged. I knew that big buck deer often accompanied the females, and my senses became keen and focused.

About ten minutes went by and I was aware of a rustling and a loud grunt of a buck deer, that had begun to make its way in my general direction.The cold wind began to blow and it was coming from behind me , which was a good sign. I was having to look back over my right shoulder in the direction of the sounds, and strained to get a glimpse of the tell-tale antlers of a buck. Then, suddenly, there he was, a nice racked, big buck deer, that appeared to be sporting a nice eight point rack. The rifle that I was carrying that day was a nice little Remington in 308 caliber. I had mounted a nice small 3/9 powered scope on my rifle, and spent a lot of time sighting my rifle in at 100 yards, so I well knew that I was going to be right on, with the shots that I would be taking. I shouldered my rifle and the cold steel against my face gave me a little start. I began to focus my eye on the deer's front right shoulder and was beginning to squeeze the trigger, when the unthinkable happened.

The big buck suddenly froze, then crouched down, almost laying prone on top of the ground.There was a loud wailing yell, that broke off into a snarling growl, sending cold shivers down my very spine.The buck deer suddenly wheeled around turning to face the opposite direction in which he had just come. Something seemed to pick the big animal up from off the ground and flipped the big deer end-over-end out into the underbrush. I was too shocked to react at first, my rifle was still snugged against my shoulder and I was debating whether to fire or hold off. There was a huge dark and hairy creature out there in the trees and I got only a quick glimpse of its big frame. I was both angry that my shot was spoiled, and shaken in what I had just witnessed out in the woods on that frigid day. I was by myself and more than a mile away from anyone else hunting out there in that area. I waited about thirty minutes and then I decided to climb down and walk back in the general direction in which the creature had come. When I reached the spot where the big buck had stopped, I saw on the ground, torn up leaves and scattered prints that showed me where he had been scared to death and been flipped up into the brush. There was no sign of any blood, which was good and indicated to me that the deer had probably gotten away. I had read of an account where large Sasquatch creatures fed on deer a lot and found it fairly easy to catch them. They were said to literally tear the flesh away from the bones of the helpless animals in their attempts to devour them. I was ready to take a break that day and decided to walk back toward civilization. I decided not to tell my hunting buddies about the incident just then, even though they knew that I did not drink. It was one of those times that you were truly sorry that you did not take a little nip, because of the trauma that I had just encountered.

I have seen only a few other "Big Foot" creatures, one was in driving to work with my wife on an early morning. It was about six feet tall and hairy from head to foot, and was crossing the roadway in front of us in a sauntering gait, very much upright. Another creature crossed the highway in front of our vehicle in another state, as we were going to visit a friend. This one was a juvenile sized beast and about four to five feet tall. It too was heavily covered in dark brown hair and loped across the lanes in a very quick and sauntering fashion. One time i spotted a smaller hair covered creature that appeared to be sitting on a log right in the spot that I too had sat on many an early morning, as I hunted earlier in the season. This time when I saw the creature, it was there one minute and suddenly it was gone, into the thick cover surrounding the area near a small creek. I can't say that what I saw then was real or whether I possibly may have been day dreaming, only they know the answer to that question. Big foot roams the wild country side all over North America and around the world. He has been seen in Asia, Africa, in mountainous terrain, and in the swamps of central and South america. There is very clear and compelling evidence that something covered with hair and growing to huge sizes exists out there, and maybe some day, we will all know just what this evasive creature is all about.


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