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Energy Like a Summer's Breeze

Updated on October 26, 2017
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Seafarer Mama/Karen enjoys writing about spirituality as it is expressed in our everyday lives.

A Gentle Force of Nature

Humans and Nature

Humans have often been compared to forces of nature, especially if their expression is intense and their movements are strong. Those who are considered a "force of nature" are usually memorable in some way, and others find that they are attracted to the energy that lively individuals bring to their social interactions and relationships. Those individuals seem inclined to do the unexpected. They bring an element of surprise to the situations they become involved in.

It may be easier to describe someone else using words and/or ideas related to natural phenomena. I was delighted by the challenge to describe myself in such terms by a fellow writer here on Hub Pages who calls himself Cloud Explorer. Thank you for asking such an inspiring question, Cloud Explorer.

Summer sun tea for sipping in Summer breezes ~

There's nothing like a tall glass of sun tea to sip when a summer breeze cools the air.
There's nothing like a tall glass of sun tea to sip when a summer breeze cools the air. | Source

The Nature of a Gentle Breeze

I have chosen to relate to the gentle, calming nature of a summer's breeze. I love the way that the breeze blows hanging clothes dry and moves chimes to make a joyful sound. A gentle breeze refreshes on a hot summer's day without knocking a hat off. it feels good against the face. It makes the shadows of leaf-bearing tree branches dance on the ground in pools of sunlight.

A breeze is lighthearted and playful, and invites us to dance with it, open our arms to it. When the leaves dance in the breeze, my daughter and I love to dance with the shadows of the leaves and branches. We also love to push each other on the bench swing at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

An evening breeze is even more refreshing. At night it pushes the clouds away slowly, like curtains, so that we can see a sky full of stars, especially the constellations of the Milky Way. Once we have finished gazing at the heavens, it quietly blows through open windows to help us sleep more comfortably when the season is at its hottest.

Best of all, a gentle summer's breeze helps young angels land on earth for a short visit, setting them down on their feet so that they are unharmed by the impact of terra firma. They land quietly, peacefully, full of the healing energy they have come to share.

Gentle breezes love to play with lots of things, like:

Tie-dyed clothing drying in the soft breezes and sunshine of a summer's day
Tie-dyed clothing drying in the soft breezes and sunshine of a summer's day | Source
Swinging in a gentle autumn breeze is a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Swinging in a gentle autumn breeze is a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon. | Source
Crisp fragrant winds swirl around the winter constellations.
Crisp fragrant winds swirl around the winter constellations. | Source
Little angel landing on the earth, with the help of a gentle wind
Little angel landing on the earth, with the help of a gentle wind | Source

How I am Like a Gentle Breeze

I often like to sit back and be a gentle presence at social gatherings, especially among friends. I love to watch and listen, and support. My favorite thing to do is quietly participate in lots of different conversations, in the ebb and flow of social intercourse that are a large part of festive gatherings.

At Parties

My favorite way of being with others is quietly listening to what they have to say, offering encouraging words, joining in singing a well-loved party song, and offering ways to support the hosts/hostesses of the party. I take part in games and other fun activities, and tend to be a quiet part of the fun.

At Smaller Group Gatherings

In smaller groups I do the same. I am there as an active listener, offering words of support and encouragement meant to refresh like a summer's breeze. When participating in an activity that is meant to plan a gathering, I do not demand that my suggestions be followed when asked for ideas on how to approach something. I often look at different ways to make plans work for the enjoyment and/or enrichment of everyone invited to attend, and support the ideas of the other planners. I am there as a soft presence, and very often playful.

With Personal Friends

When keeping company with a friend or two around a table, drinking tea, my energy is quiet and thoughtful, and ready to engage in conversation about any subject that is important to those I am with.

My Photo Gallery

The pictures in my photo gallery portray all of the things that can be blown in, around or through my home or neighborhood by a gently summer breeze. Such blessings are what keep me thriving gratefully in my life.

© 2012 Karen A Szklany


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