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My Ideal Teacher

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Lena Kovadlo is a writer for various content-sharing websites. She's an author of 12 books and helps other authors publish theirs.

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Throughout life we attend school so that we can get our education. In school we encounter a group of individuals who help us learn. This group of individuals is teachers. They lead us through our years of learning.

Every teacher is different and operates in his/her own way. Having been in school for many years I have developed a sense of what an ideal teacher should be. If I could create an ideal teacher here’s how he/she would be seen inside the classroom.

On First Day of Class The Teacher Should Arrive Early and Spend Time Getting to Know the Students

On the first day of school, the teacher should arrive earlier than the students. When the students enter the classroom and see the teacher already there they will know that the teacher is serious about the class, is punctual and does not tolerate lateness. As a result they will arrive to class on time.

Once everybody settles down, the teacher and the students should spend some time getting to know each other. First, the teacher should introduce himself/herself by stating his/her name and something about himself/herself. Second, the students should do the same. This way both the teacher and the students will feel comfortable inside the classroom and with each other. It will create a pleasant environment for learning for both parties and that is of high importance.

On First Day of Class the Teacher Should Discuss Class Requirements and Encourage Students to Ask Questions

Knowing what the course is about is very important. Therefore, the teacher should spend the first day talking about the requirements of the course and giving out all important and relevant information that the students need to know. This should include handouts, forms, books and such, as well as a detailed summary of what the course is about. The teacher should talk about the course in full detail, making sure that all of the students understand exactly what is expected of them. The teacher should also encourage students to ask questions and clarify any misunderstandings they may have about the course. Making students fully aware of the requirements and what the course is about helps them to do better in that particular course and in school as well.

The Teacher Should Make the First Class Interesting and Exciting

When school begins most of the students are not ready to begin work yet because they are still in vacation mode. The teacher must get them into the spirit of learning. What he/she should do is make the first lesson of the course exciting and interesting. He/she should prepare the lesson in such a way that will interest the students and will leave them with a desire to know more about a certain topic. The teacher should start the lesson with something to wake the students up. It may be a good idea to start with an example from everyday life that pertains to the topic. A question that will require some thinking and some imagination is also a good idea.

The Teacher Should Not Do All the Talking During Class

The teacher should not do all of the talking. He/she should let the students talk more in class. This way he/she can find out how much each student knows. Throughout the class the teacher should try to call on as many students as possible, letting each student speak and should not pick the same students all the time. Favoritism will not help all the students do better in class. In fact, it can cause students to slack off, and their grades to fall.

The Teacher Should Write Less and Explain More

Writing a lot of notes takes up most of the class. The teacher should write less and explain more. Even though the students will have a full notebook of notes that does not mean that they are actually going to learn something from them because they will be focused on writing everything down rather than listening to what the teacher has to say about the topic. Notes are important though, so the teacher should have typed up notes ready to hand out to the students at the beginning of each class. This way the students will have a detailed summary of the topic discussed and will just have to write any key points to remember or focus on later.

Having class notes is great but understanding what the notes are about is even better. Being able to explain something in your own words without looking at the notes is a big, positive sign. It tells the teacher that the students are interested in the topics being taught, that they understand them well, and that they like the teaching style being used. It also lets the teacher know that his/her job as an educator was successful and he/she will continue to apply the same teaching style throughout the rest of the class and school year.

What Kind of Teacher a Student Has Really Matters

It really matters what kind of teacher a student has. It will mean the difference between learning something and learning nothing. The teacher should never digress from the lesson because that will distract the students and even the teacher himself/herself. Everyone will lose track of what they were discussing before hand and the lesson will get ruined. Therefore, the teacher should never talk about something irrelevant to the topic during class time. If the teacher goes off tangent, especially on a regular basis, that means he/she is not a good teacher.

For example, I had one teacher here in the United States, who spent too much time talking about his wife during class. That got me upset because I didn’t learn much. He focused more on his personal life than on the curriculum. Whenever he strayed away from the lesson plan, he had no idea where he left off and that left me confused and with a desire to just leave the class. But of course I couldn't do that so I had to make do with it.

On the other hand, back in Minsk Belarus where I was born, I had a teacher who was a very good one. She never talked about things that were irrelevant to the topics discussed in class. She didn't spend the entire class with her back turned away from us writing on the blackboard. She wrote key points down and then spent the class facing us, explaining everything we needed to know about a certain topic, and clarifying things we were unsure of. Every time that I looked over my notes, I knew what they were about and understood everything. Whenever I was asked a question I was able to answer it without any hesitation.

The type of teacher you have in school is very important. It will mean the difference between finding a well-paying job and a bad-paying job. I never want to be stuck with an unqualified or bad teacher. This by no means is a perfect model of what an ideal should be. You can beg to differ with some of the things I discuss. Nevertheless, this is my view of an ideal teacher.

Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?

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© 2012 Lena Kovadlo


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    • profile image

      Benoit Desrosiers 

      3 years ago

      Being a teacher does not always mean a person in front of a class, It could be a co-worker being beside you explaining things out for you. I had a few in my life. And as being a teacher of other then being in a class I feel that as long as we learn something everyday it a plus to us all.

    • lovebuglena profile imageAUTHOR

      Lena Kovadlo 

      7 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Thank you for the typo catch Regis. I've made the change. It would be great to hear your experiences teaching... Maybe you will share it with me one day...

    • rauffray profile image


      7 years ago from BC, Canada

      "Whenever he strained away from the lesson plan, "

      I think you meant to write "strayed" in this sentence, Lena. Anyway, having been an educator in high school for over thirty years, I am glad that I did the things that you mention in your hub here. That is probably why I had very few problems with students and in fact, they are the reason I miss teaching. Thank you.


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