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My Kids Won't Get Spellcheck

Updated on January 14, 2012

ABC, 123

I came across an article about common spelling mistakes and it got me thinking. Technology is wonderful isn’t it? It’s with us every moment of every day. Things that we used have to do manually now automated saving us time and energy allowing us to do more with less. There are even things to compensate for our shortcomings. Technology has come to be a substitute for rather than a supplement to our cognitive process. Take it easy, I didn’t say that you’re unintelligent, just that we (myself included) don’t think as much as we used to say 10-20 years ago. Don’t believe me? Try this, divide 397 by 3 in your head, if you did it quickly, say in less than 5 seconds, can you still write out long division? If numbers are your thing, I’ll this opportunity to be a bit of a jackknife and ask you to take one third of 397, cut it in half then take 600% of that value, multiply by 0.5 twice then multiply the product by the reciprocal of two-eighths. The answer will be at the end when you’re ready.

Numbers may not be your thing and that’s understandable, i’m not looking for a degre in astrophysics either. But how about simple communication? How many of us would send professional correspondence witout running spell-check? if you would, you’re a brave soul or a really good writter—correction, very good writer; grammar check doesn’t register that “really” means “truely” while “very” means “extreamly” if you hvaen’t noticed, i’ve turnned off my auto-correct and i’m typing at hte speed that i useually do, the difference is that i don’t hvae the crutch of spell check and now hvae to hope that i get it write since i’m not going to go bavck and make corrections just ot preove my point. i’m looking back over it, goodness, that is attrocious. OK, this has gone on long enough, i need to get back to normal.

Now there are those among us who don’t realize that thier use of some words is grammatically incorrect.  Maybe they’re elementary school teachers didn’t drill it into them like they did with me…  speaking of elementary school, when my kids start typing papers, they’re not going to have spell checking do all the work for them and create a handicap that will manifest itself when they can’t cheat.  For those that are proficient, taking advantage of technology, it provides a shortcut for something that you can do anyway.  It’s when we arrive at our destination without knowing the route we took that learning fails to occur.  I would encourage anyone who reads this to spend part of the day not taking shortcuts just to see how good you are without technology to pick up the slack where our brains have stopped developing.  Try actually using a map instead of that GPS app in your Smart[er than you] Phone.  Maybe configuring your clock display to show the old-school analog clock.

So am I saying that we should return to the Stone Age?  Not at all.  Then again, Neanderthal and Cro Magnon Man had to learn; they didn’t have any shortcuts. 


By the way, the answer is three hundred ninety seven.  I did it all in my head and made it up while I was typing.  No, I’m not showing off, it’s actually pretty simple.  If you were to write out the equation, you’ll notice that the operations all cancel themselves out, putting you right back where you started; but it requires understanding how things work to allow you to take that particular shortcut.


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    • Lance Crowe profile image

      Lance Crowe 6 years ago

      Hey Sexpressions,

      I'm starting to advocate that "no child left behind" will lead to "no adult gets ahead." There is no substitute for human eyes checking things over. You may want to go to Youtube and search for "The the impotence of proofreading" by a poet named Taylor Mali. It makes my point quite well.

    • sexpressions profile image

      sexpressions 6 years ago from Wherever my imagination sees fit

      I just finished my own little angry article about all the things technology is 'helping' us with when it comes to our education... I feel terribly that my nephews are learning how to spell because some machine is checking their work - and not to mention, missing the grammar in their work!

      Thanks for the hub! It was well displayed, and well written! :)

    • Lance Crowe profile image

      Lance Crowe 7 years ago

      Hey SSaul, I'm sure if you're thinking this far ahead, your son will turn out just fine.

    • Lance Crowe profile image

      Lance Crowe 7 years ago

      Hey Wooded,

      You'll have to tell me how it goes. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    • profile image

      Wooded 7 years ago

      Excellent hub! I have to admit that I would not want to spend even an hour without my spell check. However, I am going to try your experiment and see how I do without all of the shortcuts. Thanks for this challenge!

    • profile image

      ssaul 7 years ago

      thanks for this prepare me for when my son come of age