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My Lap Top travels 20,000 Miles to get repaired.

Updated on March 9, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

My Laptop.

Those who have Laptops.

Gone are the day's when only a few could afford a laptop.The choice of various models and makers selling laptops is confusing and a only a computer geek if he is your sibling or a friend can help you,a non PC geek to buy a laptop that may suit you,who .As an entertainment its role is very much appreciable to kids,senior kids,big kids and adults.Kids whether they can be exposed to PC and internet is more of a personal decision for the parents.It is the children who must take it as a personal challenge and use the system to improve their knowledge in all the areas of their choice.If you are a doctor you can study any European language or study latest trends in various branches of medicine.If you are a house wife you can study any subject of your choice including just typing on the key board,watching a film,chatting with a friend and going further to earn money working from home which even boy's and girl's are earn money or improve their knowledge in their studies..

Those who do not have laptops.

A good laptop costs approximately from Rs.20,000 to 50,000 in India.If you can buy it in USA it may cost you Rs.20,000 less.However the person who brings must not have his own laptop.As bringing 2 nos of laptop is not allowed by customs officials.I did not want to buy a laptop in Bangalore where this IT city has good demand for any type of PC and also as my children in USA are IT geeks I preferred to get the PC they choose.The problem was they and their family also carried their PC. A friend of my daughter was going to USA who is also a computer engineer but she preferred to be a house wife rather than a working women and she told me that she is not taking her laptop.I told her to please bring the laptop that would be given to her when she would visit her in USA.

I told my daughter to discuss with her brother,my son as to which make of computer would be a suitable one for me and buy it and send it to me.I don't know if she discussed this issue with my son but she sent me the LAPTOP my dream of having it ever since I saw one several many years ago and now I was anxious to run my fingers on this computer.

Shoot Laptop for Charity.

Somebody shoots a laptop and sells it to get money for charity as he has another spare laptop computer.It's not a bad idea but why did he not sell it with out shooting it looks little difficult for me to understand by his American English which we few in India do not understand.My question is is it not possible to remove all the data stored in the computer.What happens if he had sold it with out a hard disk.The person who did purchase could have put another hard disk.Is the hard disk more costly than a laptop computer.Is it possible that some personal information could have been stored in the computer other than the hard disk.I do not know anything about the hard ware in a computer.All I knew was hard ware is hard and soft ware is soft.

Whom would you meet?

If Steve Jobs was alive.

See results

Whom should we thank?

We all know that Steve Jobs invented computer with the help of his friends and today we all must remember him be-four we open our laptop is my opinion whether you like it or not.

However if Bill Gates had not done the soft ware to run the computer do you think somebody else would have done it.

My simple question is whom should we thank when we open our laptop.

I thought something like what Steve Jobs said.

Should we thank Linus Torvalds or Bill Gates

What am I writing?

I could not buy a Computer when my son completed his degree in Electronics and Computers.He joined a local IT company in Bangalore and today he can buy any number of computers.He bought a computer to his sister when she was in High School and my daughter soon picked up the use of computer studying her degree in Arts.She had to do her masters and study at Poona a place over 700 kilometers from Bangalore.After she left for her Masters she left her Computer which I started working from scratch since I had retired from active service which was not my best choice but because no body wanted a 58 year old man to do the job of a 30 year young man and I could play with the computer to get away from my depression.It was interesting to me next to my painting as I had done too much of it and I was fed up with my painting.Thus my computer self taught started.

I almost lost my Laptop.

My Laptop had worked for over 3 years in Bangalore and a Village in Tamil Nadu where the Power voltage would go from the standard voltage of 240(+) or (-) 20 to various voltages from 120 Volts to 300 Volts.However I could not notice how the input pin was getting heated due to high fluctuations.There were reports popping up saying the computer had crashed but it would work again when I switched it on after I switched it off.

My daughter invited me to her home this year and I traveled over 18,000 KM to her home.My Laptop worked there also where the standard voltage was 120 Volts. When I had to travel to my at son's home from my daughters home the Laptop was removed from my bag and went in to the X ray machine at the security in the airport.My self and my Wife sitting in a wheel Chair did our best to put the things we had removed from our pockets including the money,pass port Air Ticket and other things.Putting them in to the pocket was most important which we were doing in a unwanted hurry.The Wheel Chair pushing men were helping us.They did not put the laptop in to the bag and my laptop had sketch book the same size as laptop and my daughter had given it to me to do sketch my painting talent by pencils.The weight of bag was thus the same as the bag with out the laptop computer after we were unloaded at the Airport Boarding Gate we had to wait for over 40 minutes for the boarding gate to be opened.Some how I remembered to just check the laptop bag I was carrying.To my shock the laptop was missing.I soon ran with out any help and near the security check I told them I had forgotten to keep the laptop in my bag from the tray and requested them if they had one left by a passenger.They asked me few questions and brought my laptop from a locker.I was so happy to see my laptop.The security people told me to open the monitor and it worked.They told me to take it.I came hurrying towards the boarding gate and my wife was glad to see me with the Laptop.Thus I had almost lost my laptop.

My Laptop does not get connected to WiFi

My self and my wife arrived at my son's home and that laptop did not come out of the bag for 2 days.The 3rd day I opened the bag and tried to connect it to my son's WiFi but it would not work.I was in my computer genies home and I told my son it was not getting connected.He tried but could not get it connected and he said he will look in to it.

Indians and senior citizens staying on a vacation in USA are handy capped for mobility due to the need to get to places and they have to depend only on their siblings to take them to places where they want to go.This is possible only on week ends and from Monday to Friday evening they must remain home.It is OK for a few days but after few days it's boring.Now here I am not bored by boring even though it took 5 days for my son to get my laptop get connected to WiFi and when I tried to tell him that it was purchased by his recommendation he got wild and told me to get lost.I had no option but to keep quite.If I had money I would have packed my bag as I also had his temper being his father.However after 5 days he got some gadget and my Laptop worked for a day.The next day it got busted.My son checked it but was clueless as to what had happened.The next day we had to get back to my daughter's home.What did I do to get out of my boredom I did pencil sketches on the book I got from my daughter.I left it there when I had to come home.

My son had told my daughter to fix my computer and she in turn told my son in law to get it repaired.Where to get it done was a issue and his friends advised him to get it repaired at the same place where it was purchased.My son in law took it to New York where he works and it was fixed for $350 when he had paid $500 for it.

Thus my Laptop traveled up to New York from Bangalore to get repaired.

Inventor of Mouse.( With out this Computers would not have been popular.)


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 4 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thank you.

    • surishiva.kumar profile image

      surishiva.kumar 4 years ago from Australia

      'All is well, that end well' . Enjoy surfing.


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