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My Philosophy of Teaching

Updated on May 15, 2009

My philosophy of education is taking young children at tender age on an adventure, an exciting one so that they never stop learning even when they become adults. I would emphasize on character building rather than certification because I truly think that the aim of education is not to accumulate diplomas and certificates. Children should be made to understand that learning is a never-ending process and that knowledge helps to understand and to tolerate people who are different from them. An educated person should be able to live in harmony with people who surround him; he must also be made aware of his environment and how to preserve it for posterity

Our society largely depends on the kind of education we give to our children today. The age of primary education is the ripe time to be given such an education so that they can be moulded to fit a modern and civilized society. We can start by giving them basic notions of politeness, the need to love one another and respect other’s beliefs and cultures. They should be made to learn to live without any animosity in a mixed society. Our aim should be to educate for life.

I feel that teaching is a very exciting and progressive profession where no two days would be the same. During my three-years of teaching I have experienced how satisfying helping children can be and I enjoyed passing on the knowledge and skills I have acquired during my education.


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