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My Response to a Republican Budget Survey

Updated on April 13, 2011

What will happen when the world loses faith in the U.S. dollar?

 Our country is drowning in debt.  Every citizen, man, woman and child, owes many thousands of dollars to our national debt.  And as a people, we are burried in debt.  I read somewhere that on average, every citizen has an $8,000 debt, mostly to credit cards.   Credit card companies have been offering high school kids credit cards, sometimes with limits up to $5,000.  Ridiculous! 

I suppose, without credit, the wheels of commerce would grind to a halt, or close to it.  Still, in our quest for instant gratification, we have long exceeded prudence.  When I was young, you had to have a third down to buy a car, and you got 3 years to pay it off.  Now, it is no money down, 7 years to pay it off, etc.  Drive around middle class neighborhoods and look at all the  luxury cars, motorhomes, boats, motorcycles - all kinds of expensive toys, mostly not paid for.  Inside, big TVs, home entertainment centers, video games - its endless.  And how many people are really saving for their old age?

Biut I digress.  This hub was prompted by a survey I received from the Republican party inviting me to comment on their budget plans.  Following were my remarks:

Get out of Afganistan.  Get out of Iraq.  Quit giving money to countries that vote against us in the UN.  Try to get countries that have borrowed from us since WW2 to repay those loans. Make a straight 10% cut on all government departments.  No more money for the National Endowment for the Arts.  Don't keep tax cuts for the super rich going.  Reevaluate all programs. For example, how much are we spending for the space program, and what will we gain from it? 

The medical, educational, housing and other support for the "undocumented" are costing billions and must be stopped.  I support the Dream Act, but we have to get control of our borders.  I support having local law enforcement arrest illegal aliens and turn them over to ICE. Deport those with criminal records. Hooray forArizona.   Enforce a program for those that stay.  They must past a test in a resonable time to show they understand our constitution and laws.  And they should have at least enough knowledge of English to get along here.
  President Bush once said we are not going to deport 11 milllion illegal aliens.  I agree.  But lets stop more from coming.  And make the ones who stay become useful citizens.
While I'm at it, lets make English the official language.  Why do I have to press one for English?

Lets end welfare completely.  No one shoud get a hand out for doing nothing.  Let people clean graffiti, sweep streets, build roads.  If the unions don't like that - tough.  Even all but the most extremly infrim could do something  - piece work or whatever.

And quit giving Social Security benefits to new citizens or aliens who have not contributed to it.

I strongly support T Boone Pickens and his quest  to get us off of buying oil from other countries. I especially like the idea of using natural gas - of which we have plenty.  Lets drill for oil and natural gas in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Alaska.  If we upset a few caribou and other animals, too bad.


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