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My Theory of How we should educate our Children

Updated on April 21, 2015

From conception there is competition and collaboration between cells, how they communicate, substance, and the interaction DICTATE and GIVE FREEDOM TO GROW, both mind you both.

Imagine the contemporary chaotic kindergarten where brats (lol) are competing in perfect uniform in one way or another with each other for the affection of their temporary and surrgent mother and/or father


Imagine the smallest group of True Intellectuals in a Post grad environment where the collaboration is on a biblical level yet there is competition, for whatever lets say egos sake.

How do we turn the brats into calm collected indivudals, we don't because it starts with a calm collected environment, home, a community, a park or playground, a beach, a candy store by themselves.

Listening is a form of both collab and comp, yet there is one thing that people miss, I am pretty sure when a child listens to music or watches tv they are sponges even through abuse in the background or whatever is lesser.

My idea, my theory for the future of education is a fake and big and real record player that plays educational entertainment only, because they can see it and feel it, more importantly understand it.

Of course I am by any means telling parents not to teach their kids but they might not be able to if done right and there isn't baggage that parents do bring.

I guess what I am saying is that I hate the idea that a contemporary teacher only works around 8 to 5, same time parents get home from work and just want to relax,

I think if students loved their teachers like I have loved most of mine they will start challenging them to much higher levels, when a kid wants to ask their parent a question and they have to google it, i believe this is just wrong, its stupid.

This is when you tell your kid to press the button on the teachers student record player that says ask. And when they do they might just start astonishing us all, because kids are absolutely the most imaginative and free beings on the planet. They are not held down by facts, and it is THIS


It might just be the fear of a child that they will never create a fact of their own, the fear of our parents that tell us that we can not do something because it has BEEN PROVEN, well if you're not stupid you know that things are disproved every second.

If you think i have summarized this theory of simplicity well thanks but it is only a fraction of what is possible.

I saw an elementary school kid dragging his bag home around the block and I was shocked, I go "excuse me", i wanted to say hey kid but at that moment i felt this is a very mature child, i didn't say it loud enough or i should have said hey kid, and he goes who me, there was no one else in sight, because hes even been addressed formaly i think, you miss the bus, no, there are two elementary schools in this pretty big town he said the closer but still pretty far walk, he said no i just do it. I have never seen a kid do anything close to that. the environment is changing, or he has got some head on his shoulders. I finally said it, good for you kid and went on watering a dieing tree

I mean the raw simplicity of a child doing something all on his own, trust me i wanted to saw man, i saw determination, strength, individuality, virtue and faith in this man child in less than 30 seconds

when i was out of eyesight i was shaking my head and said to myself fucking kid, i was proud of him, and i was proud of myself for being i hope the first person to say something about him doing that, he didn't say thank you i think that's why i said fucking kid, i was astonished i mean blown away.

To be honest i just felt like writing this and not really sure if i was onto anything special but im tired of hearing how india and china do better than us with a fraction of the resources.

And for goodness sake its alright to create a game that teaches kids how to create games what is not alright is letting them squander for 18 fucking years nor should you strip them of every freedom neither are holistic


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