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My Ways To Ace Math Related Exams In College

Updated on December 6, 2010
Math Exam
Math Exam

I always had the passion for computers. I went through secondary school where the 486 computer was first introduced to us for use in learning BASIC programming language. I enrolled to study as a Computer Engineer at a local school.

I would say that college is composed of two general activities. This are the activity you do in college which is study, and the activity you do outside college which is partying around, playing computer games, playing video games, playing arcade games and watching movies.

Unless you are brought up to be well disciplined individual to just study and graduate college, you might as well be drawn into the vices as I have. I was a real ace not in college but as a computer gamer.

After failing 3 math subjects in 1 semester, I realized that I am going in the wrong direction. So, I set my head straight and focus my goals. Here below are my ways to ace math related exams in college

Plan Ahead and Study Ahead of schedule

If your teacher is currently discussing a chapter in the book, study ahead by reading another 1 or 2 chapters in the book.

Practice Solving Math Problems in Your Book

Always solve the math problems in your book. Most exam that the teacher would generate would be derived from this.

Time Your Problem Solving Skills

Like racing in a marathon, time how much you can solve each problem. By doing this over and over again, not only that this kind of problem that you are solving would imprinted in your head, and solving it would be somehow automatic to you, you would be able to solve it faster.

Avoid Distractions Prior To Exams

Maintain your focus and forget you vices for a while. You can still do all the other things in an appropriate time after exams. Avoid distractions and focus on you math exams

Sleep Enough and on Time

Avoid all-nighters for a while, and have enough sleep. This will lower your stress level and clear head for the day to come

Visualize Possible Math Problems, in Your Head, if You Can

If you are creative enough, try to visualize the math problems you just solved on the previous day. Just don’t too much thinking or you will raise your stress level too much

During Exams Solve First What Problems are Familiar to You

Solve problems that are very much familiar to you first. By doing this you can finish a big portion of the exam first. Possibly, ensuring that you will have a passing grade.

After Solving All the Problems, Double Check and Triple Check

After solving all the math problems, ensure that you’re answers are correct, by going through all of them again double checking and even triple checking.

Submit Your Exam with a Smile

At this point you will be able to finish more than ahead of the set time limit of your teacher. Don’t mind you classmates wooing you for answers for the exams. Submit you’re exam with smile knowing and having the confidence that you have either a very high grade on it or a perfect score.


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