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My Weekly rant 4 (Have Schools lost the plot)

Updated on December 21, 2010

My weekly rant number 4

 Well this weekly rant number 4. Now either I'm getting old and miserable or the world is going mad and fuelling my weekly rants.My weekly rant helps me to vent my anger and frustration of things on my mind. Now I'm not a miserable person i am very happy go lucky and by me writing my weekly rants it helps me to get things off my chest in the form of writing leaving me to walk around feeling a little bit better and with a smile on my face.

Anyway this weeks rant is 2 fold really.I was surprised in the week when my son returned home from school to say to me that one of his teachers had commented on his latest haircut. Now his latest hair style is not one i would choose for myself even if i had the ability to actually grow any that is but it was by now way unacceptable or offensive.

My son had simply had his hair cut into a V shape at the back and i have to say it looked rather smart and at the best part of £10 so it should.So i was amazed a teacher at his school took offence.Anyway i wrote a note in his diary for his teacher explaining i thought his hairstyle was acceptable and to call me if there was a problem.

Well ring me he did and i was told that if the hair style wasn't corrected then my Son would be excluded from the school.

Now my Son is a top performing pupil at School unlike his Father was and I'm very proud of him and his behaviour in the words of his teachers is impeccable so why did they take to singling him out for a hair style.

I explained to the teacher that surely his is taught face to face and not taught with his back to the teacher so how could it be of offence and why should a top performing pupil who is happy at school be upset and have his work affected by this petty issue.

My Son wanted to make a stand and fight for his right and quite frankly so did i but on thinking i thought it wiser to get his hair corrected to the schools acceptable standard and not disrupt my Sons school work which is ultimately more important. I then wrote a letter of complaint to the school expressing my dissatisfaction especially after seeing 2 pupils who had blue streaks in their hair and had so for the best part of two weeks i thought this amounted to nothing but discrimination against my Son.

Well anyway life moves on and we go foward then i opened my local Newspaper at the weekend and discovered another School in the area was being told by a religious governing body that Seik pupils at the school should be allowed to wear the Kirpan a knife with a six inch blade to school as part of their religion.Has the world gone completely bonkers or is it just me? Do we really need pupils whatever their religion walking around schools with knives (NO WE DONT!!!) but it seems my Sons haircut is more dangerous than the six inch blade so come on parents lets make sure all our kids are Tooled up for school but for heavens sake make sure there hair is to the exact rules or you may find they get sent home!!!

Absolutely ridiculous!!!

Well that's it for this weekly rant please leave your opinion i like to hear others thoughts on this and please note I'm not against any religion what so ever i just find the carrying of knives in school to be very dangerous what if they were to simply fall over what sort of harm could it do that child


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