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My first day at college

Updated on January 10, 2013

My first day at college it was a great fun to share with

How beautiful is youth? How bright it gleams, with its illusions hopes and dreams book of beginning, story without end every main a queen, every man a friend.

I was always told by my elders that college life is a life full of pleasure, luxuries and comforts where everybody has a right to live in full freedom. School life with it strict discipline was very much boring for me. Therefore, I always wished to enter the college as soon as possible and my curiosity was aroused because:

“Youth relies on hopes and old age on memories”

With a hope of better future, I entered the door of my college. It was very well-ambushed to welcome the newcomers. We were very warmly welcomed by the worthy teachers and they told us about our activities on the first day. We were told that there would be only one lecture on the first day and the speech of principal was of very much importance for us. So, we were very warmly welcomed on the first day.

We were all aware of the fact that there would be ragging on the first day of our college life by our seniors. Therefore, we were mentally prepared for any sort of mischievous by our seniors. We decided to remain together in a group so that the seniors might not get a chance to humiliate or tease us. But despite our efforts we were soon deceived by a seniors group which told us about the wrong location of our classes. After that, we were caught by a group which forces us to obey their orders. I do not want to follow their instructions but everything happened in a quite good way.

After that we were in our classrooms for the first time. Our only lecture was for chemistry, our teacher was a good and inspiring one and he gave us a brief overlook of the college success in the last few years. We were very much motivated by his speech and then he took us to a huge hall for the principal’s speech.

There were almost 900 students seated and cheering and gossip was going on. After sometime we were entertained by juice and chips. Then at 9’0 clock the principal entered the hall and the fully packed hall was silent in his respect and everybody stood up. After the recitation of Holly Quran, the speech of principal was started. All the students listened to his speech eagerly.

The college principal was an old man of fifty three years age. He was fully motivated and experienced. He advised us to abide by the rules and regulations of the college at any cost and further he said that no discipline relaxation will be given to anyone. He said that “Life is not a bed of roses and one must strive to keep pace with world”. Similarly he also said that “Hard work is the key to success” saying this he concluded his speech by motivating us to strive hard in this world and to carry on the traditions of this college.

After this, all the students were directed to come for regular classes from tomorrow and the programme was finally concluded.

With the principal’s speech on my mind, I walked back to home. I think that college life was not so much easy as everybody told me. One had to be pretty hard work to succeed in this world otherwise the world will not wait for the lazy bluffers. To conclude I must say that one must not take college life an easy step as the whole future is based upon it and I am of the opinion that:

“School makes our vision bright & college makes our future bright”


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