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My point of view on Hitler!

Updated on April 9, 2015

“Hitler “the name that bought only one thing to minds of most people a cruel, stubborn, sick person. But then when I started to gather more information about him I was forced into admiring him and he became one of the most influential character in my life. From the circumstances he was raised in to become a person of such strong personality and firm self-belief.

I didn’t cared about what he did to or whom he killed to turn into a man we know today by the name of Adolf Hitler but I knew one thing that he had ability to adapt and survive. And how well did he survived from a normal kid born in an ordinary home who found it hard to keep up with the fast and pacey world, A child who was always a center of mockery in class to a great dictator we know today.

His journey was not easy the world rejected him but he believed in himself and from a famous nobody he became a dictator of The Nation which under his command touched the deepest blues of the sea and once ruled almost half of the world. It didn’t mattered to him if the nation Germany was up against were bigger or stronger he conquered them all.

But like all greats he wasn’t the greatest and he made mistakes his biggest mistake was that he thought if he had great power the world was in his hands. But as I learned form a great movie “Scarface” is that if you want to survive on top you got to fly straight low-key quiet but if you want it all you won’t last and neither did the Hitler.

His desire to have it all got better of him and he got himself into such a tangled that he found no options then to self-murder. But did he left his mark on the world a great mark which some people also referred to as an irremovable scar on the face of the world.

But I don’t think we should remember him for what he did but we should rather remember him for who he have become “The Great Fuhrer of Germany”


Mohammad Aleem Ali


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