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12 Mythical, Folklore-ish and Magical Beings That Could Be Real.

Updated on April 12, 2018

El Chupacabra: The Chupacabra is one of the most well known creatures to probably exist, it's names means "Goat-Sucker" and is supposedly seen around parts of Mexico, Puerto Rico and even in places like Russia. It's habit include that of attacking and killing livestock and draining their blood, its appearance said to either be reptilian or that of a hairless dog with spines lining its back and its way of movement is hopping much like a Kangaroo. Some people believe they are just hairless dogs but who knows, the Chupacabra, like many monsters, is known to be quite evasive.

Cthulhu: Much of the Earth is covered in water and much of it still has not been explored by humankind so who's to say mister tentacle face couldn't be real? This being is a creation of Lovecraft, a being known to be the cosmic variety it is said that any mortal who looks upon this being is turned insane. It's name is spelled a variety of ways but it is supposed to be in another language entirely, humans aren't supposed to be able to say his name. There are many gods in his universe and while he may not be the most powerful he still has great psychic and telepathic abilities and has the power of the Earths fan base behind him. Although if he ever wakes up from his nap at the bottom of the ocean we might all be enslaved or killed so there's that.

Troll: The troll is a monster from Scandinavian lore and has become synonymous with people who like to mess with others online or in forums, trolls. Trolls vary in size and look but they are generally dangerous to humans, they make their dwelling in mountains and caves, large forests and areas devoid of humans. They are known to not be lovers of the sunlight since when in it they will either outright die or turn to stone, either way not good for them. They have somewhat of a stone like appearance and they are able to blend in with the trees and rocks, they have a distinct smell so if you are ever out in the woods be wary of a sudden change in scent.

Demons: Some people have confessed about being possessed or haunted by such beings, whether or not you believe this to be true is up to you but there are some big believers in the world. Demons are most always malevolent, they take joy in murder and other sinful acts. They might haunt a family and terrorize them or possess living beings or items to accomplish their foul deeds. Often they stay hidden, not appearing to humans unless to terrorize or warn but even so they will most likely only appear to one figure. They have many powers such as manipulation of items or beings, telepathic abilities and often able to physical assault people. They are dangerous and while exorcisms supposedly help it more often then not just pisses them off.

Kitsune: The Kitsune or Fox Spirit is a being from Japanese folklore, it is a shape shifter, they have the ability to transform into a human and can even turn into a specific person. They each start out with one tail but can have up to nine, the more tails one has the more powerful and wise they are said to be. Due to this many people see them as a deity and may worship them. They are known to transform into humans more commonly beautiful woman, they trick humans and will sometimes even help them. Due to their ability to blend in with humans they can easily be around today.

Shade: The Shade is a person who has died but has not yet descended or ascended to their afterlife, these beings can differ from good or evil depending on the person themselves but they can appear in the world of the living. They might appear as a shadow or somewhat see-able person, many people have claimed to seen a shadowy figure so this could very well be a Shadow. Much like in other sources when a person doesn't go to the afterlife the Shade might either wander around to try and find a way to leave the plain of the living or stay and wreck havoc.There are claims of these kinds of beings being spotted so there is always a chance they might exist.

Succubus/Incubus: Tales have been told of people finding a beautiful woman or a handsome man and losing their life, it happens even today. A Succubus is a being of sorts that appears before men and using her curvaceous figure lures men to their doom,an Incubus is the male version and seduces woman. It can happen in a dream or in the waking world but after the events of bed play the human dies, losing their life and soul to the creature. Stories are still told today about these kinds of things happening so who is to say they are fake?

Vampire: Vampires are one of the oldest monsters known to man, powerful beings of strength and speed and have numerous other powers. Mind control, flight, transformation, super strength, immortality, so many abilities and with the power to make people your slaves or forget about you with just a glance is insane. These monsters look human, depending on which kind we are talking about, but generally you probably couldn't tell the difference between one and a normal human. They can blend in with society but cannot stand the sunlight, they die and turn to ash not glitter and shine. These beings can be very seductive so keep some hard wood on you at all times, a wooden stake ya pervs.

Sasquatch/Yeti: Debates have been going on for years about whether or not these creatures could actually exist, photographic proof has been shown but since its usually not a good photo people have arguments about it all. Tall, hairy, muscular and often able to avoid humans these hairy boys hide in the forests or mountains, Sasquatch tends to stay in North and South America more while Yeti has been said to be in the Himalayas more. In any case we have some evidence to say that these two might be real, whether or not they are dangerous though is unknown since not many interactions have been done if you couldn't tell.

Manticore: The Manticore is a creature from Persian Mythology, it has the body of a lion with the face of a man and the tail sometimes said to resemble a scorpion tail and other times said to simply have quills similar to a porcupine on it. Either way it is a dangerous creature with its three rows of teeth, it can shoot its spines or quills like arrows from a distance and can easily eat a man whole. There are stories of it using its face to lure people to their doom, it is a monstrous thing indeed and will not hesitate to eat your bones.

Gremlins: Gremlins are creatures that can be similar to goblins, have you ever had things go missing? Stuff moved around? It might have been the gremlins causing some mischief. These creatures stay hidden and mess with humans, while often they just stay mischievous they can go into more malevolent and evil territory and harm people. Some folks have claimed things go missing or that their have been some weird things happening in their house, it might just be the gremlin messing with you. Around WW2 they were even known to have messed with airplane equipment, nasty little buggers they can be just like a Boggart.

Gargoyles: Many big cities might have these creatures of stone perched upon their towering buildings, whether or not they come to life when the sun sets is up to you to decide. Gargoyles have been said to be stone when the sun is up, when the sun sets they come to life and do whatever it is that a gargoyle does. Many stories say they are just plain stone or beings turned to stone, often a natural story to hear is that sorcerers or any other practitioner of magic turned a creature to stone because it might have been too difficult to defeat it in battle. They have been around for centuries and they have held popularity with churches since they are made to ward off evil spirits and deities.


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