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Benefits of contact lenses

Updated on August 29, 2014

Be more polished and confident with contact lenses

Benefits of contact lenses

Lenses bring an inherent feeling of self confidence and the ability to get up and achieve in life.It provides active lifestyle all the time ,it does not come in your way while performing any physical activity .Whether its the game of basket ball or you are doing a Tap dance ,contact lenses des not slip or slide and never limit you from being your best ,in fact 99%of Olympic athletes attribute their improved performance to contact lenses.

Contact lenses provide comfort and safety at the same time as they are made of polymer that makes them extremely soft ,thin and flexible ,due to these reason you will not even feel their presence in the eyes ,as previously mentioned it do not crack or fall out ,this quality makes is amiable contact lenses help you to look your natural self .

Contact lenses reduces the error of refraction .A person 's eyesight is basically checked ,there is least chance to increase in power any further

Last but not the least there are no tell -tale marks seen on the nose either ,isn't that wonderful!!!

Why contact lenses are prefered to spectacles?

Contact lenses hurt the eyes,this fact could not be denied.Often,soft contact lenses have been heralded by Ophthalmologists as the safest vision correction device. Many a times safer than glasses too. Lenses are thinner than peels of onion ,very soft and flexible which means that they would never crack in the eyes and also have no sharp edges that could hurt the eyes ,In fact,within few minutes you would not feel them in the eyes.

Some people say contact lenses keep falling out of their eyes ,this could have been true with hard lenses but soft lenses are so thin and delicate that they adhere to the eyes using the natural tear film .These lenses drape the cornea and move along with the eye in the direction of the sight or vision,and never ever fall out of the eye .In fact this is the prime reason why most people with an active life style such as sports person and athlete wear contact lenses to enable them to perform better .

Though caring for contact lenses is a hassle .On the contrary,compared to any other vision correction device,contacts are perhaps the easiest to take care of .A single multipurpose lens care solution takes care of the complete maintenance of the lenses including disinfecting ,deprotienising and can even be used to lubricate the eyes,if need be .Soon you will be accustomed to wear them on and off and it would be a child's play for you to take care of them .


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