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NA: The Light of Recovery from Active Addiction

Updated on August 12, 2012

The Moment in Time

A feeling, the moment in which one says I'm sick and tired of being strewn and thrown from wall to wall. That clarity in which the drugs that led into active addiction became too much and the pits of denial overcame those that felt that desperation became so real. Various individuals around the world have felt this fear, and the disease of addiction is very alive and real, and in those last moments of pain and suffering some begin to simply wonder what's next for him or her, whether there is even a life worth living?

In those moments, it may seem as though there is no hope, but rest assured that many individuals do find their light, the shining hope in which there is a way out. If you happen to be that suffering addict, know that there is so much more to live for, a life of freedoms from those tightening bonds that once held him or her tightly against their very own will. Some may not understand how this disease progresses, and may not comprehend the reasoning behind the actions that some addicts perform such as stealing, fighting, and chasing that next high, no matter the consequence.

There is Help

One may come to realize however, from the depths of destruction and despair, that there must be a better way to live their lives than the physical, mental and spiritual bottoms that they must certainly could have encountered. A program known as Narcotics Anonymous has begun to spread it's wings in light of such bottoms, an effort to stunt the growth of drug addiction and return individuals back into a life of sociologically accepted citizens of the many countries it has affected. There is many other programs that could potentially work for many addicts around the world, but this program has specifically spread like a wildfire of miracle workings.

Those that have their doubts, whether an individual that have never touched a drug in their life to those that have, would see that those that truly work the program have accomplished years of clean time from drugs. This however has not stopped other addictions from occurring, such as gambling or struggling to fill voids of materialistic gain. After working a thorough program and working steps that one would acquire from a sponsor, or mentor; one would gain a better insight into their own life, finding their inner demons or defects of character.

What do you want to do about it?

I cannot stress enough the growth this program has begun to deliver from the conventions in your area dedicated to the newcomer with just a desire to stop using the drugs that have overwhelmed their lives. It is a very open group of individuals that help each other mentally and spiritually, the hopes that a fire would be lit within one's heart. This would potentially help an individual begin on a path of selfless enlightenment over the self centerness that the addict normally perceives him or herself. If there is a way to give back to the suffering addict, this program would most certainly be the light at the end of the tunnel, the path to eventual freedom from active addiction.


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