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Resources Management

Updated on August 12, 2015

Natural Resources

There are different kinds for resources in the world. (1) Natural resources such as, mineral resources and financial resources; and (2) Human resources.

Resources are scare, demand for resources is unlimited. We can take examples of gold, silver, copper, oil, water, forest, air and so many natural resources. Our present day life depends on these natural resources; some are more important and some are less important. We can live without gold but can not live without water.


There are different types of natural resources as mentioned above. It is categorized three basic necessities of human being (a) food, (b) clothing, and (c) shelter. To me these are basic human necessities in ancient times when water and fuel (firewood) were easily available at free of cost in forests. One does not need any light to read and write in a hut (shelter) after dark; no necessity of communications means to communicate with others no need of transportation means to go around, no need of electricity and many more that we need now.


In the present day world when we talk about necessity of life so many additional items are needed in addition to the above mentioned three items. Water and fuels are no more freely available. What we do with raw food if we do not have fuel to cook it? What we do if we do not have water to cook food? We need to go around getting these items. How we move around if there is no means of transport? Who can live without means of communication? Who can live without electricity? Thus the basic necessity of present human being includes so many additional items: water, electricity, telephone, computer, internet, TV and so on.


One will not believe it but it is true that in some country people are living without these basic necessities. Come to Nepal where the power cut is 16 hours a day as load shedding. There is frequent disturbance popularly known as Banda, meaning close. Some group of people close main high way of Nepal, specially life line of Kathmandu stopping supply of fuel (petrol, diesel, cooking gas), food and many more for many days, weeks, some times even months. Not only highways but also in the cities it is declared Banda. When it is declared Banda no shops will open, no vehicles will run. If some one dares to go against the declaration, one is risking life and property.


The reason I am including these things is that it is not only availability of the nature resources it is also human resources who should have skill and knowledge to use the available resources. Again I am coming back to the human resources here as well. Nepal has 83000 (around) megawatt of electricity capacity in the country, since it is not handled correctly or properly Nepalese people need to suffer from 16 hours of power cut every day at present. When there is no electricity no factory is running to the full capacity, whether it is small domestic factory or big industry which result no income to the factory which ultimately means no support to the people who work in factory; and so many complications. It is said Nepalese people are poor because they are poor. All the Nepalese intellectual are working in foreign lands because they do not have opportunity in Nepal.


Ok let me not go too much on these. In conclusion I am trying to give my view that those who are in a position to do something or many thing they should be honest, sincere with ethic to work without corruption, intellectually and financially to contribute in the country in order to prosper a country, specially like Nepal where nature resources are plenty to generate more opportunity to all the countrymen for betterment of the country and people.


Managing human resources is a challenging task in comparison to physical (natural) resources.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      nature has given us plenty of resoures but we people r deprive of using such property properly, so we r poor by natur and being poor by loose policy of state.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      narayan is the best writer in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has helped me so much..............this was my project..........................u are my love...........sweet u...


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