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Nasty BioChemistry

Updated on October 20, 2009


           The most boring subject in the world is biochemistry.

I hate it as much as I love the books of mystery.


Oxidase, reductase and hydrogenase,

They give me anxiety and scares.


Its nomenclature and structures,

Forget me the taste of burgers.


Proteins, polypeptides and peptides,

They make we want to commit suicide.


Imbibitions and adsorption,

Always hurt my emotions.


Osmosis and osmotic pressure,

Keep me always under high blood pressure.


Amino acids with basic chain,

Shower on me, the “acid rain”


Avogadro’s and Henderson’s laws,

Are as dangerous as dog’s paws.


Fatty acids and waxes,

They seem to me like taxes.


O! God save me from this creature,

It is a notorious danger.


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    • nilum profile image

      nilum 5 years ago

      Thanks you Dear

    • profile image

      maap 5 years ago

      Biochem, Biochem

      Y U so damn mean?

      I do not care bout poly-p's

      Or about cysteine

      Biochem, Biochem

      Y U make me cry?

      Fatty acids

      can just go ahead and die

    • tanakasan profile image

      tanakasan 8 years ago

      Too amusing. I feel this way about Organic Chemistry.