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Natural Shredders - Lovebirds

Updated on April 18, 2014

Lovebirds Natural born shredders

Who needs a shredder.. when the Lovebirds can do the job for you.

Well actually who knows who invented the shredder.. Maybe that person might have observed these

Lovebirds… who will shred any paper in strips…

The lady lovebird will start to naturally strip paper and in the wild will strip the leaves of the palm, which will also keep their feathers healthy. She will do the perfect job to shred and tuck the strips under her wings to carry back to the nesting box to build her nest with.

So if you are thinking for keeping lovebirds., always give plain paper rather than any newspaper or magazines as they contain colored ink which can be toxic the the birds.

Other material they love are the bark of the fruit trees, even vine tree branches which she will strip, tuck under her wings and use it for the nest..

I have also tried coconut rusk, and they love it as well as eating the coconut is a treat for them.

You don't have to have DNA done to see what sex the birds are... to me it is through observation which tell me by her action that she is the female.. for she is the only one who will shred the paper and take it back to the nesting box...


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