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Natural Remedies for Your Dog

Updated on November 10, 2012
An American Foxhound and a black Labrador Retriever playing with a stick.
An American Foxhound and a black Labrador Retriever playing with a stick. | Source
Dogs doing what they do best. "You chase me then I'll chase you"
Dogs doing what they do best. "You chase me then I'll chase you" | Source

Dogs are considered to be our best friends. This may be true. But, that does not mean there is not some work involved when there is one or more dogs in your home. Here are some tips to make living with our four-legged friends just that much easier.

If you are thinking of trimming your dog's hair, don't. His coat is his only protection against the weather and insects. Just because it is summer, that does not mean you should take away his protection. You will only make him uncomfortable and possibly get him injured.

If your dog comes home with burrs in his fur, do not try pulling or brushing them out. A much easier way to get them out is to crush them first with a pair of pliers. Be very careful that you are not pinching your dog's skin. Then, they will easily come out with next to no fuss.

Sometimes our furry friends come home with a tick embedded in their skin. Do not just pull on it with tweezers. This will leave the head and jaws inside the skin. Put a drop of vegetable or mineral oil on the tick. Be sure to cover the skin where the tick has bitten the animal. Now, pull it off gently, but steadily. By loosening it first, it should be possible to remove it intact.

If a dog gets bored, he may start chewing on his paws. Paint the spot he likes to chew with oil of cloves. This should be available at your drugstore. This also works if your dog is chewing on wood. Red pepper oil works just as well, but it will burn a bit. It will also teach a much faster lesson to stay away.

When Fido has a run in with a skunk, it is traditional to give him a bath in tomato juice. This works, but is messy and expensive. Instead, try giving him a bath in a vinegar and water solution. Start by making it with equal parts of vinegar and water. If that does not do the trick, make it a bit stronger with more vinegar. It is better for him to smell like vinegar, than skunk, any day.

Chasing cars is very dangerous for dogs. And, it is quite difficult to break them of the habit, once they start. One way to deter this behavior is to tie a stick on a string around his neck. Cut a dowel to about the width of the dog. Do not use one that is so big it will injure your dog, but you want it big enough to be annoying. drill a hole in the center of the wood. Tie a short cord through the hole, and attach it to the dog's collar. The stick should hang about knee level. The dog will be able to walk with no trouble at all. But, when he starts running, the stick will get between his legs and trip him. This should work with most dogs. But, some are stubborn, like their owners, so it is not totally foolproof.

Does your dog like to dig holes in your yard? There is a method that might get him to stop this behavior. Blow up some balloons and bury them where he likes to dig. The next time he digs his hole in his favorite spot, the balloon will pop and the noise will startle him. This should cure any future urges to dig up your lawn.

Dogs can be wonderful companions. But, sometimes, we need to work with them to be able to keep them around. Hopefully, these tips will help you and your pooch be able to live together harmoniously for many years to come.


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