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Nature: Do we really know everything about it. Can small things influence nature?

Updated on September 5, 2014

Small things we all do

Pot them well
Pot them well | Source
Flowering ones
Flowering ones | Source
Vermiculture | Source
Water for Birds in the tray
Water for Birds in the tray | Source

Nature Smiling

When we say nature the first thing that comes to our mind is the green around us, the mountains, trees, lakes, river, water, fresh air, blue skies and a lot of other natural things. So if we summarise our thoughts it is simply the elements that we are surrounded with. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky put together form nature. What we see around is a representation of these elements. Bonded together they create an ecological balance.

Once ecological Balance is restored it leads to evolution. And Evolution has one significant product, Humans Beings. Yes it is hard to believe at times but we have evolved using the technique of survival of the fittest.

Look at this way, in a way or the other we are a result of the five elements put together. I will give a good example for this, I had bought a box of Chocos sealed in a bottle. I somehow forgot that I had purchased one. But one fine day I remembered that I had purchased one. I was surprised when I opened the bottle. I saw insects the same colour as the chocos in the box in plenty. Now where did they come from. They simply evolved using the moisture and the chocos. So is the case with humans. Of course it taken a lot of time for us to have evolved and hence it will take longer to ascertain the correct pattern and our true ancestors.

Another way of ascertaining evolving would be to see our survival. Food that is produced with the help of Earth, Water, Air and Fire helps us grow and Air helps us survive and Sky absorbs the waste in its final stage. The final stage of waste is gas. Even a decomposed body finally becomes a fossil or gas. And fossil over a period of time is released as gas. The only thing that absorbs gas is the sky. So from birth to death the elements support us. Thus we are a part of nature and not independent of it. We have risen from nature and at the end of the journey we get merged with nature.

Nature is the biggest gift to mankind. It has been here before us and will remain after us too. If it were race for survival nature has its own balance will sustain itself. But all that is living may not survive that long.

Let us not forget, nothing concrete has been ascertained as to what happened to dinosaurs. Dinosaurs ruled this planet long before us. As things got out of control nature played its trick and to date no one knows what happened to them. Or let us say the Dinosaurs were booted out.

So is it not possible that we may get booted out too?

So what do we do to stay in the game? Or say we do not meet a future like that of the dinosaurs. It simple we will have to find a way to be in peace with nature and learn to co exist. We will have to take necessary steps to ensure that the evolution of nature is not hampered by our existence. To do this we will have to understand how nature evolves and keeps itself to the mark.

It isn’t complex, as nature has created us we are in a way doing the same thing that nature does to keep evolving. We are a part of nature and not apart from it. What does nature do? In simple terms like we do for ourselves nature also recycles and innovates.

For nature the balance of five elements is very important. Why? A slight imbalance in the five elements will cause shift in the balance of the ecosystem which may affect the gravity forces and in the end result in a universal change.

So how does it recycle to maintain balance? Let us trace it to ourselves. The basic things we require is food, water and air. For food we require earth, water and a good atmosphere. For good atmosphere the sky is required to maintain the balance. So once again it ends up maintaining the five elements to a certain level.

So how can water and air be maintained? Isn’t it simple, the green around us if well maintained take care of three things earth, water and air? What it emits maintains the fire and sky element.

How to maintain the green element? Some say by planting trees, which true, but with the growing economical demands is difficult. Dedicated place is much lesser and trees can’t be grown anywhere. So what can be done? Have you thought that by keeping small plants also we can help maintaining the ecological balance, especially the flowering ones’?

Yes the flowering attract a lot of birds and smaller creatures of the ecology that keep nature alive. Everyone knows how these small creatures help in maintaining the balance. If we do not have space for plants then we can try one more things. We can help the birds and smaller beings survive. Handful of grains kept for birds and a small bowl of water will help the birds survive longer. The longer they survive other smaller beings of ecology will find its way too. Trust me that is how nature works they somehow manage to survive by themselves. But someone in the chain requires support. By supporting the birds it will help them stay alive during trying times and then eventually they will support the system.

Once this happens you can see for yourselves how the birds will help the growth of more trees and plants in and around your area. So all in all it will support in maintaining the balance of the five elements and in the end nature. This may help us stay alive a little longer than we expect.

So if we cannot do bigger things even smaller things as growing plants, feeding the birds and keeping water for smaller beings will also help. We need not do only big things to help nature and mind you by helping nature we are only helping ourselves. Don’t forget we can be booted out by the nature any moment it is in imbalance.

So let us do small things or if possible bigger things to maintain nature. We are doing ourselves a favour and not the other way around. Mind you in the end let give nature a reason to smile too.


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