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Nature’s Invisible Laws

Updated on March 23, 2017

We are all familiar with the physical laws of Nature. The gravitational law discovered by Newton governs and keeps all visible objects big or small in order and rightful place. The law of space and time discovered by Einstein shows that we live in an expanding universe with a beginning –ground zero. The law of the standard model demonstrates that all animated and in-animated matters are built upon a defined set of fundamental particles and forces. The law of evolution discovered by Darwin enables the living arises from the dead, the intelligence arises from the simple reflex, and the thinking arises from the complex cellular network. These physical laws can be scientifically quantified and qualified. But, there are also laws that defy measurements and analyses but make sure that everyone who walks through life gets a glimpse of Nature’s wonders and grandeurs.

No one is perfect

There are people who are tormented by loud noise and then able to appreciate the silence of the beating heart. There are people who are born without sight and then able to see with their mind. There are people who are impatient and then able to understand that there are things that they cannot control. There are people who are greedy and then able to find that they are going to pay a price to gain things that they are not supposed to have. There people who are talkative and then able to see that inconsiderate outbursts can cause more harm than good. We are all born with some oddities that enable us to experience only a part of life just like a blind person trying to figure out what is an elephant while only able to feel part of it.

Changes are the key

Life on Earth is not possible without changes. They come in the form of earthquakes that shake up the ground and rearrange its features, forest fires that incinerate the debris and get rid of the dead and sick trees, thunderstorms that bring water and fertilizer to the ground, etc. All these major changes create new challenge and vitality to the otherwise stagnate routines. We have observed and learned how Nature works. Whenever we are stuck in a situation, we try to make changes either in our ways of doing things, or by using new tools, or by bringing in expert helps, etc. till we regain control of the situation. In the process, we are able to face and solve many obstacles we encounter in life. In a fundamental way, the change is built into every living thing in the form of DNA. In the reproduction process, half of the DNA from the male is recombined with half of the DNA from the female to ensure that the new offspring is a unique individual that will bring changes to the world for the better or worst.

Cycle of the extremes

The repeating cycles of day/night and the 4 seasons determine the life styles of all the living things on Earth. Some animals look for food during the day and rest at night. Some animals are active at night and hide in their nests during the day. They all try to raise their young in the spring while the food is plentiful. They try to consume as much nourishments as possible in the summer and autumn to prepare for the freezing winter when the food is scarce. We are no longer affected by these cycles. Our society is in operation 24/7 all year round. But, there is another type of cycle that is unique and has impact only to the human life. Examining the human’s history, we find that the fortunes or misfortunes of people, business, and nations all had been through major cycle of extremes. For example:

1) The rise and fall of the Roman Empires,

2) Europe’s dark ages as well as renaissances,

3) The Chinese 5000 years of civilization were dotted with dynasties that sprang up from civil wars, reached to pinnacle in power and prosperity, and only succumbed to civil wars again in the end, etc.

A lot of business had also risen to spectacular size and success only to see them fall and sometimes disappear all together. Similar instances can be said of people’s life. Many families of power and wealth usually lasted 2 to 4 generations before gradual or sudden decline. People through the ages had taken precautions to preserve and maintain their good fortunes. But, eventually, they came to the realization that there were things that they could not control; things liked the political environments, economical trends, social conditions, intellect of the descendants, etc.

An eye for the ethereal

On Earth, we are the only animal who not only has an awareness of the surrounding but also is able to act upon it. The result is the total domination over the rest of the living things. If such aggression for survival is left unchecked, we will be the only animal alive on a barren land. Fortunately, we have the built-in capability to sense that there is more to life than just staying alive. We feel happy when we help those in need. We sacrifice ourselves in the name of love, friendship, honor, etc. We are able to realize the importance of the other animals in Nature’s ecosystem, to the health of our environment, and eventually to our chance of survival on Earth. Survival of the fittest no longer works to control the destiny of the human beings. So, Nature introduced the mechanism from which we are able to visualize the abstract, grasp the sublime, and embrace the ideal. With the ever diminishing natural resources and the ever increasing human population, these sensibility and spirituality elevate the human existence to a new dimension where dreams, imaginations, and immortality are attainable.

Long live the human spirit

Nature’s physical laws lay the ground rules as to how things are put together and function. They set the stage for the final emergence of the human beings. Nature's invisible laws guide the human beings to develop a progressive civilization and enable us to know and experience the intangibles – love, kindness, sacrifice, etc. – feelings and concepts that transcend life and death.


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