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Need To Get Something Done? Here Is Some Help

Updated on August 10, 2011
Purposeful goals can be reached.
Purposeful goals can be reached. | Source

How to set and reach your goals

A great deal of emphasis has been placed on the need to set goals. Many have written that it takes setting and reaching goals in order to be successful. I f success were as simple as setting and reaching goals, then why is it that so many people fail at gaining success through goal setting?

Let’s take a look at what a goal is. The dictionary simply define a goal as: something that someone wants to achieve. However, goals that lead to success must be defined a bit deeper. Goals must have purpose. With that thought a better definition of a goal is: A goal is a chosen course continuing for a worthwhile target until it has been reached. Therefore one needs to have a clear conscience of what they are undertaking. That being said, here are some things to consider when setting goals for success.

  1. Goals must of your making. It is important to create personal definition of why you desire to attain a goal. This goal must inculcate your personal value system and be meaningful to you and how you perceive yourself and want to be seen by others.
  2. It is important when setting goals that they be specific and measurable. For example, to have a goal stating, I want to get in shape this year, is not an adequate enough goal. Better it would be to state the goal of, I want to be thirty pounds smaller within nine months and exercising thirty minutes five days a week. Being balanced works well with ones specific measurable goals. A need to be flexible is part of the equation as well. When outlined measurements are not coming to fruition they may need to be revamped.
  3. Another need if goals is that they be challenging. It is very exciting working toward a goal and seeing the objective within reach. When you look at the starting point and the progress made, it spurs one on the path to continue with enthusiasm. If not, then a revisit of the objective and reason for wanting to accomplish the goal may need to be re-evaluated.
  4. Building a support system can do much to keep goals alive. Be selective in who you choose to share your goals with. This selective small group, when time get rough, will be there to give needed support.

Goals that are approached as outlined above should aid anyone following them to set worthwhile goals, reach them and attain genuine success.


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