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Negating Can't Make the Ufo's Less Real

Updated on October 2, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

It Will Take Nothing Short of a Sign like This One to Accept Their Existence
It Will Take Nothing Short of a Sign like This One to Accept Their Existence

Just Can't Allow Them to Exist

Let's face it, folks, when it's about something like material evidence for the existence of the UFO's---meaning intelligent life on other distant planets---the same objection could be applied to it as to any of the familiar organized religions.

Just like it takes a Pope or an Ayatollah to believe in a deity, so it takes a cosmo-biologist to believe that in the whole vast universe we are not the only beings boasting with intelligence.

With the only possible difference that there are actually photos of some unexplained flying objects validated as authentic by experts, while no photos of any flying celestial entities have been taken so far. Well, it's never too late, it's been only couple of millennia that believers have been looking up and waiting.

According to neuroscience we are actually seeing with our brains, meaning that believing may lead to seeing---so it's possible that some heavily indoctrinated folks might "see" their celestial idols---whereas a camera doesn't share that sentiment.

In this vast universe just about anything is possible; and it's only for this millennia-long intellectual arrogance of each cultural epoch that's reducing it and squeezing it to their pet theories.

The whole cultural paradigm is pathetically divided, each of the competing sides claiming that theirs is the "only true" god, the "only true" political ideology, the "only true" kitchen blender. The rest are sheepish consumers accepting whatever they are fed by those who appear the most suggestive.

Thus, it's a small wonder that an enormous number of the global populace believe in the existence of the extraterrestrials and their flying machines, while the mainstream scientific community is displaying anything between reluctance and ridicule.

There seems to be something at the very basis of our cultural establishment that's rejecting a notion of a more advanced cosmic civilization. The very first coming to mind is good old fear. Namely, we'd rather just debunk the whole story as a nonsense than consider an existence of someone who, due to their imagined intellectual and military superiority, might play lion-and-mouse games with us.

And even if it's not about fear, it must be good old jealousy. We just can't emotionally afford to even imagine some other creatures being our god's favorite kids---well, maybe the first litter didn't turn out all that good as the second one, according to what our whole history and the present are attesting to.

One way or another, we are not likely to believe in UFO's unless, or until, one of those fancy machines makes a landing right in the middle of the Central Park in the beautiful city of New York.

We Can't Judge Their Technology by Ours
We Can't Judge Their Technology by Ours

Technical Abracadabra

Among those skeptics who are finding it hard to "go against logic", prevails that purely technical concern involving the incredible distance and the time it would take for our closest cosmic neighbor to pay us a visit.

That would have to call for a good dose of open-mindedness, because something is not dismissible merely on the grounds that we are not smart enough to duplicate it in our petri dishes and on those secret NASA sites.

Just think of those creators of science fiction of less than a century ago, who could never foresee a computer that would fit on top of a finger ring. Nowadays fantasts are obviously much smarter while talking about sophisticated things like "teleportation"---an ability to project someone or something huge distances away without travelling.

And yet nothing like this teleportation looks to us as a plausible solution for UFO's visiting our skies---just because we are not able to project ourselves at night into the bedroom of our favorite movie star. Beats me why this teleportation thing somewhat reminds me of one of those tenets of quantum physics that's telling the weird story of an electron existing at more than one place at a time.

Well, don't mind me, all kinds of things get mixed up in this mind of mine. And more of the same is bound to come your way before you are through with this article. Take it as a promise or a threat---your choice. Nevertheless, when it's about ET's, I simply can't compare us with their possible technological wizardry.

It First Had to Exist in Someone's Mind---and Then We Had Stars
It First Had to Exist in Someone's Mind---and Then We Had Stars

Consciousness Creates

Allow me now to step back a little to view UFO's from an intuitive, if not philosophical perspective. I am thinking about something like negation as being exclusively human construct. For, there is absolutely nothing in Newtonian or quantum nature that "isn't". Everything simply "is" and "does"; there is no "maybe", "no", "what if'", "would", "should"...etc.

That leads me to intuitively and boldly asserting that we are not even capable of creating a concept that is not in existence somewhere---maybe in this or any other of the universes, or a "multiverse", as the place gets called by those brainiacs.

Now, this freaks me out: there are apparently some over 200 parameters in the conditions precisely "calibrated" to favor life on this planet. Most of them---if changed by just a little--- would result with our annihilation, or wouldn't have allowed life on this gorgeous blue envy-of-a- planet in this corner of the universe.

Thoughts like this must have inspired one of the most respected scientists on earth, dr. Robert Lanza to create his theoretical baby which he named "Biocentrism". Cute name, isn't it? As it suggests, it's the life and its consciousness which created the universe---warts and all.

Not speaking on the good doctor's behalf anymore, there must be countless civilizations in the cosmic community co-creating this universe. How do we do it, you may ask. Well, from another file of my mind I am borrowing the fact that every single second our brain is processing some 400 billion pieces of information---and we are aware of only about 20 000.

What is the most of it doing? Without our wakeful knowledge it is involved in co-creation of the world. Now, if you really insist to know what the "construction site" looks like, picture this: in the quantum field of infinite potentiality, the conscious observers collapse some waves which then manifest themselves as material forms. Oh, by the way, that's how our bodies got created as well. I hope this explanation doesn't make you regret for your being curious.

However, not all cosmic neighborhoods get involved on that mega-site. Looking at the highly intelligent faces of our Joe, Leonid, Hussein, and Raj, I don't think that they are exactly involved in this cosmic kind of construction work, but they certainly qualify for our earthly projects of collective consciousness where all these marvels of wars and political turmoil, and the rest of the familiar crap is going on.

Again, not to judge by ourselves---just because our resume is so unpresentable, it doesn't mean that there is no one more qualified up there to turn away from us every of those huge planetoids and perform similar outlandish feats to keep us safe, while keeping the universe tick like a Swiss watch.

Man, we are in a company of some god-like dudes! Why not, sky is big enough to accommodate some more of them---as long as we don't insist on calling it "heaven".

They May Turn Out to Be Beautiful---if We Expect Them That Way
They May Turn Out to Be Beautiful---if We Expect Them That Way

We Are All in It---Only Not Equally

Someone said that "teacher comes when student is ready". Why not suppose that UFO's are rapidly coming into our wakeful awareness worth 20 000 pieces of information per second from those 400 billion which are in a constant touch with our smarter cosmic siblings.

Doesn't it strike you as strange that within less than a century we have technologically advanced more than through the entirety of our previous existence? Certain super-brains like Nikola Tesla or Herbert von Braun hinted that they got their creative ideas from "thin air". Similar to some of the biggies in classical music who talked about having received the complete compositions "from somewhere", not in a process of a note-by-note creating.

Indeed, folks, at this point isn't it worth remembering those words: "Reality is stranger than fiction".

Have you ever heard someone singing under the shower who was not exactly endowed with a singing voice? Well, that's exactly like us, my friends--- as we are trying to figure out a reality beyond what meets the eye---we think that we sound good. That's why that concept of "everything being a virtual reality" just can't sit right in our minds, which are judging everything "real" by our limited parameters and well played-in theorisms.

Just as it's hard for us to accept that it's not our eyes that do the seeing but our minds telling them what to see and what to leave out. As far as the limited range of our 5 senses will go, UFO's could be buzzing around in this same space in their own world governed by other set of frequencies. Due to their technological magic they might be commuting back and forth who knows from where---only now and then changing frequency to appear visible in our skies.

Totally oblivious to their reality, but rather judging them by our own nature, we may be prone to imagining them as laughing at us, interfering with our destinies, bringing us bad luck, and being the culprits behind our burnt barbeque. We just can't but visualize everyone being like ourselves and what we are capable of doing "in the name of a sheer god-inspired-love".

Well, don't say I didn't tell you---this is a participatory universe, and your every thought and emotion count somewhere. At your birth, or even at the beginning of your first incarnation you were granted an honor to participate in this grand game. As much as you humanly can---make your part worth living.

For my last words here, let me remind you of our universal excuse which is to explain most of our mistakes---"We are only imperfect humans". Well, certainly something to remember when we negate the existence of UFO's.

Like the title said it---by negating we don't make those space spooks any less real.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      22 months ago from Oklahoma

      I am an intermediate on these things. I find it unlikely it's just us in the universe, but I've yet to see definitive evidence we've been visited.

      Interesting read!

    • AlexK2009 profile image


      22 months ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Interesting article.

      UFOs could be:

      Advanced Aliens who have invented Teleportation or faster than light travel

      An Advanced Terrestrial civilisation

      A strange form of atmospheric life

      From a parallel dimension

      Being created by the collective unconscious of humanity

      Something else

      Thanks for this. It is now on my mind as a research project

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      22 months ago from Canada

      Catherine---It's great to notice how much we agree about this topic. I am especially delighted about your not seeing those cosmic travelers as hostile. Well, Hollywood is running out of villains, so they have to use their special effects of space wars to satisfy the demand of a market that thrives on violence of all kinds.

      Yes, humans are cool, except that they are not, by far, living up to their potential.

      Thank you for the nice comment, Catherine. Have a great day.

    • Misfit Chick profile image

      Catherine Mostly 

      22 months ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      Thanks for writing about aliens. :)

      Other life exists throughout the Universe, and yes it does interact with us here on Earth. However, we can only brush up against each other's 'stream' or 'frequency' - whatever they are doing to or in our world, they are doing it at a vibration that does not entirely sync with ours.

      As such, it is highly-unlikely that we will ever encounter them 'as a civilization' on a global scale. People who are reporting alien encounters are not imagining it (usually); but they are hanging around within the same - or a similar - frequency as 'aliens' in order to have these encounters.

      Raise your frequency by raising your vibration - you do that by simply getting happier and not allowing negative thoughts & emotions to control you. We are captains of our own ship & no one can harm us unless we are allowing it - whether we realize that is what we are doing, or not.

      It is also true that not every other kind of 'life energy' beyond human has a negative agenda to 'take us over'. As it turns out, humans are actually pretty cool; and all civilizations in the Universe started out with a primitive 'cavemanish' beginning. :)


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