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Negative People - The Reason You're Not Succesful

Updated on June 11, 2016

Have you noticed?

I see a lot of people in life that associate themselves with all the wrong types of people. They never ever think about the negative effects that certain people can have on their lives. Instead, they continue to hang around individuals that are not as motivated and driven as they are. These same people then complain about their lives, and then wonder why they aren't progressing or moving anywhere but backwards.

Let's be honest...

What people don't realize is that sometimes your relationships with people, and your sense of loyalty to them, must be questioned when your progression in life is concerned. It's not enough to hold onto a destructive relationship just because you and that other person are friends. Your dreams and ambitions should be taken very seriously by not only you, but also the people that you chose to surround yourself with.


Because in life you will notice that the people that are the most successful, understood the importance of having a good, supportive and motivated group of friends around them. Although it may be hard for some of us to cut off certain relationships, in the name of progress, it is more than right to do so. Your circle of friends should be supportive and motivated to bring the best out of you and themselves. If any of your friends lack a genuine interest in yours or their own desire to move forward in life then run - run very fast.

Value the state of being positive and happy, don't settle for anything less!
Value the state of being positive and happy, don't settle for anything less! | Source

The Reality

Let's face it, this world is full of unmotivated, irresponsible and indecisive human beings. It's only normal to expect that some of us will encounter these types of people on our journey in life. However, encountering and keeping them around are two different things. You must think of your life and the people in it as your own house. Now you wouldn't let anybody disrespect your house would you? And you definitely wouldn't want anybody to steal from your house. So why do some of us allow negative people to steal our motivation?

Sounds Extreme?

Well it is, you have to make a conscious decision about your direction in life. You must learn to be a good judge of character and carefully select the ones you choose to be around on a daily basis. A few positive traits to look out for when managing your circle are written below.

* Eager to learn

* Confident

* Supportive

* Generous

* Conscious

* Passionate & Ambitious

* Loyal

Build a strong team of positive people!
Build a strong team of positive people! | Source

At the end of the day...

Not everybody is going to be on their, "A Game" and your friends are only human just like you (I'm guessing). Mistakes and bad days should be expected from time to time. However, once you start seeing a pattern develop where your friends are beginning to affect your direction in life, it is down to you to let them know about your concerns. In the end, you will always find out who your true friends are.

Meditate on it ;)



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