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New California Laws That Help Illegal-Undocumented Aliens

Updated on January 8, 2014
New laws help these people.
New laws help these people.

Like many states, California relies on thousands of illegal, undocumented, workers to do many low paying but physically hard work positions. But California is has gone one step further that has passed laws that seem to validate their illegal status providing some rights.

What other nation in the world would even do this? Very few until they went through the process of becoming a citizen. These are not "universal human rights" that apply to human beings, these are laws that if broken by a US citizen can lead to prosecution.

The Trust Act forbids police from detaining an illegal based upon ICE having a hold on that person after being eligible for release. The exception is if the person has committed a serious crime. So, if local police have an illegal in custody, and while in custody, the police find out that ICE (immigration) has a hold on the person, local police cannot detain him further unless charged with a serious crime. This is a stupid law. If ICE has a hold, for whatever reason, the person should be handed over not released.

AB 1024 allows for illegals or undocumented people to practice law once they go through all the hoops anyone else does. The BAR cannot deny a license to such a person if he passes the BAR exam. This case was brought to light when an a non-citizen, who had lived in the US most of their life, passed the Bar exam yet could not get a license to practice. Should an attorney be a US citizen also? Many think so, the Courts have said there is no rationale for this.

SB 150 allows illegals to avoid paying community college non-resident fees. How does this make sense?

AB 524 makes it a crime to report immigration status or suspected undocumented status of a person or family. SB 666 punishes a business if they retaliate against an illegal employees based on their immigration status. Each violation has a $10,000 fine.

AB 60 allows for all illegals the right to operate any motor vehicle if they pass the DMV exams and show proof of identity. This does not begin until 2015. Once this goes into effect, illegals stopped for traffic violations cannot be taken into custody for ICE even if their status is revealed, police must let them go free.

California has moved too far to the left with these new laws. Why not just make all undocumented (aka illegally in the US) citizens? AB 60 is not fine by allowing police to detain an illegal based upon an ICE hold notice or after it is discovered. This is one of the more frequent ways of discovering them.

As more laws are passed that support illegal status of non-citizens, the more they will come.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      Well, he got his way, regardless!

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 4 years ago from California

      Completely agree. The guy who went to law school, passed the bar but didn't realize he needed to be a citizen really cracks me up. Not!