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New World and Old World tarantula's

Updated on August 7, 2011

New world and Old world

(Pictures used here are my own, of my own animal)

New world tarantula's

The new world tarantula is one of a kind in the arachnid world. They are in no sense different to old world tarantula's, although there tollerant levels are higher of us humans than old world are, they still have the ability to bite. So what is the diffrence between them, why are they more tollerable to us than old world...

New world tarantula's have an extra 1 or 2 defences against us, they are effective, and 1 of the 2 can cause mild to severe discomfort. The 2 different defences are "urticating hairs", and what is known as the "Poop cannon".

Poop cannon

The poop cannon is harmless to say the least, but is messy. Not all new world tarantula's have this option, but a very few select tarantula's have this as an extra defence. The more likely suspects for this defence, are commonly known as pink toes, or Avicularia spp (Spp = species).

Urticating hairs

Urticating hairs come in few different structures, but all are barbed. The urticating hairs of a tarantula can cause discomfort. To give an idea of the discomfort, bellow is just a simple 3 grade urticating hair effect write out....

Grade 1: Mild to no effect.

Grade 2: Effective, and will cause mild discomfort and possibly a small rash.

Grade 3: Very effective, and will cause a lot of discomfort. (E.g mild stinging, itching erratically, rashes, and more)

Warning: In the event that urticating hairs come in contact with eyes, contact a Dr immediately, Do not rub eyes or touch eyes there after. Eyes will be very irritated, and can cause short term blindness.

As horrible as urticating hairs sound, as long as you take proper precautions, you are in no danger of any of the above. If in the event you are flicked with urticating hairs, Wash hands immediately with hot water and soap,

A tarantula will also use urticating hairs on the webs they lay, as a defence against the predators. During the laying of the webs, you may notice that the tarantula is kicking hairs, the tarantula does this also as a defence, and what is happening is, the spider lays webs, and flicks hairs onto the webs that are laid. Most commonly seen during the time of laying a moult matt, as a defence against predators during the moult.

Recommendation: Always were gloves when working with these animals.

Old world tarantula's

Old world tarantula's have non of the above, no urticating hairs, no poop cannon. The only defence they have is biting, don't be supprized to see a lot of attitude from an old world, that's there only way to say leave me alone. Remember a tarantula, new or old world, does not have hands that curl up into fist's, they don't have the abillity to kick, even if they do have 8 legs, there only defence is to flick, shoot poop at you, or bite. Now as scary as some of these defences may sound, remember you are given fair warning by the animal, such as a threat pose, bareing there fangs, as a warning that if you don't go away, i will have you. Always respect new world and old world tarantula's, they mean you no harm, aslong as you follow 1 rule, "Look but don't touch"... Push past this rule, you are risking a bite for you, and a lot of stress for them, and potentially death for the spider, if you fling your hand during the bite.


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Tarantulas are super ancient and may have existed for 405 million years during the Devonian period Paleozoic era before the Dinosaurs. All are venomous. Many are bad tempered. Some species such as the Chilean Rose Tarantula and the Curly Hair Tarantula have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Sometimes you may get a nice one and sometimes you may get a mean one from either of these species. The same individual spider may have mood swings. The Haitian Brown Tarantula is generally bad tempered but sometimes a docile individual may be found which allows itself to be handled. The Orange Baboon Tarantula is also super aggressive and very rarely an oddball individual of this species is docile and allows itself to be handled. The Goliath Tarantula also varies in temperament. Some individuals of this species are moderately aggressive and some are super aggressive and some of them allow people to hold them. Tarantulas have venom that is fatal to small animals but not to a healthy human adult. The most venomous species are semi lethal and maybe able to kill a human baby or a sick adult. Bites in the neck could be fatal and allergic reactions could be fatal. Many kinds can give painful bites and the Orange Baboon Tarantula of Africa has an unimaginably painful bite. The pain is said to be worse than giving childbirth by one female victim. A male victim said its enough to make a grown man cry. Other sources say the pain is worse than a Rattlesnake bite. That's scary. Its said to feel like a hot iron on ones body or its said to feel like being set on fire. The Indian Ornamental Tarantula the Cobalt Blue Tarantula also cause horrific pain. The Indian Ornamental can also cause sweating nausea vomiting and in one case caused a coma. Unconfirmed reports claim that human fatalities from Tarantula bites have occurred in India China Borneo and Central America. The Indian Ornamental Tarantula is said to have killed 2 or 3 people and the Chinese Earth Tiger Tarantula is said to have killed a human baby. Thailand Malaysia New Guinea Borneo Australia India Africa and Central America have Tarantulas with painful to very painful bites. Some of these can also cause serious sickness such as nausea sweating vomiting muscular cramps hives difficulty breathing spasms headaches swelling itchiness. New World Tarantulas can also fling their hairs and cause itching and rashes. These animals are not harmless. Some of them have venom so painful it ranks as one of the worst pains from animal venom. The Orange Baboon Tarantula is one of the worst and the pain it inflicts is off the scale. People should be warned about this and should be warned about their nasty mean temperaments. They will literally throw themselves on their backs and bite at the air when disturbed. They will bite anything and anyone touching it. Its a scary animal. The only kinds of Tarantulas I would occasionally handle are the Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula and the Eauthlus species Red or the Chilean Dwarf Flame Tarantula. They have the most gentle temperaments and seldom or never bite. They are certainly more safe to handle than the Chilean Rose Tarantula which is known to have mood swings and is known to have bitten people and is known to have thrown hairs at people. The Mexican Redknee Tarantula is ok to handle but this species can also be moody and nasty. The Tarantulas native to the United States such as the Oklahoma Brown Tarantula are docile and can sometimes be handled. Im interested in the Dwarf Tarantulas 3 inches or less. Some of these are colorful but too fast and skittish. The Pinktoe Tarantula is docile and rarely bites but its fast and skittish. Youtube has many videos on Tarantulas.