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New Zodiac Calendar

Updated on June 9, 2013
13th Sign of the Zodiac: Ophiuchus
13th Sign of the Zodiac: Ophiuchus | Source


Due to a shift in the Earth’s axis, as of 2011 the Minnesota Planetarium Society decided that our 3,000 year old Astrology information and charts are no longer correct. Astrologer, Parke Kunkle made the announcement to the Star Tribune in January.

The chart was recalculated due to the discovery that the moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth was not as science had previously believed. Not only have all the dates of the individual signs changed, but the scientists added a new sign, Ophiuchus.

As you might imagine, many people and Astrologists are not happy with this change. People are happy with their old birth sign and have gotten accustomed to it, even if they don’t believe astrology is a serious science. (I, for one, consider myself a Libra and will be until I die!) And Astrologers are upset because all of their charts have to be completely recalculated. It will most likely take a while for the new dates to become the norm, and generally accepted. But if you have a child born in 2011 and after, the new information will be used in determining their personality traits.

2011+ Astrology Chart

Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
Feb. 16-March 11.
March 11-April 18.
April 18-May 13.
May 13-June 21.
June 21-July 20.
July 20-Aug. 10.
Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
Nov. 23-29.
Nov. 29-Dec. 17.
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.

Ophiuchus (Nov 29 - Dec 17). Ophiuchus is Greek for 'serpent-bearer.' The sign represents the healer, Asclepius. The story is that Asclepius studied snakes and in the process discovered they actually helped each other heal after injuries by the healthy snake bringing healing herbs to the ailing snake.

Traits of Ophiuchus: This will be known as the sign for medicine and healing, (emotional and physical). Those of this sign have the ability to elicit jealousy in others because of their awesomeness. They are drawn to bright colors; they love to study and learn new things and are quick-learners. They will be the up-and-comer at work that easily attains promotions. Ophiuchusian’s lucky number is 12.

Ophiuchusians are over-achievers, that would be workaholics, so they might not be great family members. That’s one not-so-good trait that should be watched—success doesn’t always bring happiness.

There has been some question as to the reliability of the fact that Zodiac charts and calendars will be changing and adding this new sign. I guess time will tell whether or not the change will be accepted.

This seems to be just the beginning of changes that have been predicted for a new awakening that is to come to pass in the next couple of years.


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