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New definition of an Artist

Updated on January 27, 2015

What are the connotation with the word: artist?

Probably a lot of people would agree that this word doesn't bring the most positive impression. To be an artist it still can mean being social parasite, somebody poor, not reliable, usually liar with big imagination, talking much, doing little and even if doing a lot then usually with no visible results. Adding to all this picture mental and emotional issues we have a perfect image of "an artist".

I have to agree that people with creative mind usually show more difficulties in adjustments to the reality and norms accepted with no second thought by all. Studies conducted by Nancy C. Andreasen show this aspect of challenge very clearly.

It looks like the more creative mind, the bigger danger for mental disease: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, melancholy, etc.

Who are these people?

I would like to propose here a new definition based on my personal experience with artists, observations therefore thoughts. Among differences that everyone of us holds, there is a group of people called usually Artists and they usually are:

- creative outsiders - perhaps perceived by others a bit autistic, melancholic with any kind of mental disorders, at least quite often diagnosed as such, maybe just because they don't fit the norms settled by society.

- people particular about their time and how they want to spend it, not running in the competition of big corporation to work more, make more money in the name of losing self. They are rather interested in connection to universe, self, close ones. They are not ambitious type in the sense of achieving goal = success no matter what are the costs. Usually they have settled their limits, if not consciously, something within them does that making them simply ill any time they force themselves to cross that line.

- Therefore, they are not always able to do any kind of work just for survival.

- They usually have a strong sense of call and cannot stop doing something creative, no matter what it is, as long as inspiration is there. They do things because they have to, it doesn't seem as they have much choice. If they force themselves to stop they often land sick. It is a bit similar to being possessed or simply being channelled by some sort of higher force. You just cannot stop the nature. They cannot control this force.

So with this little description I would like to offer new definition of who the artist is in the best case scenario and in the worse case where there is no support in community to encourage this best.

Definition of an aware artist

Artists who knows, who are conscious of who they are:

- These are extremely creative minds in everyday tasks, not by doing, but rather through allowing things to happen naturally. They do not force it. For example they just sit there and here it is: new design for tables in restaurant, they just go to teach and here we go the class creates itself with new choreographies, just because they are in tune with self or some kind of universal force.

- They do pay attention, knowing they are able to sense very subtle energies = auras of the place they go to. They are observant, knowing that, if they won't recognize it, it will have impact on them, not always a positive one. They practise awareness.

- They state their limits clearly, draw lines and are assertive toward the world and selves. They have their ethic of what they do, what they don't do. They do not follow particular system, politics, religion, mainstream, but do check what is truth, what is not. They question things often to find out what is real.

- They are confident about who they are and what their work in the world is.

- They are able to find some sort of linking their art with income for it. They survive although due to system they live in, perhaps they won't ever have enough money to have financial freedom. And this I wish I can change.

What happens if these talented, observant people are not in the best environment to learn more of who they are?

- Those are usually diagnosed with mental diseases.

- Having strong individual sense, they don't follow any group, organization to the degree they land as loners staying all alone at home, not having much social contact, lucky if they have 1 or 2 great friends.

- Therefore unable to really do anything else than art they are usually in poverty, not knowing how to manage very well on a financial level.

I believe the world is more ready these days to improve the definition of an artist and incorporate their skills into current job market. Correct me if I am wrong.


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