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New fish friendly turbine

Updated on December 12, 2015


Green Energy

The Alden Fish-Friendly turbine is an improvement on the traditional hydroelectric turbine. It is a new design that is placed vertically in the water rather than horizontally. The new design is expected to preserve about 98% of the fish that are exposed to the turbine. Even though it can potentially kill some fish, it is a significant improvement from what we currently have. The main problem with hydroelectric power is the disruption of delicate ecosystems. The Alden Fish-Friendly turbine is addressing this problem in a big way. The turbine is designed to have a minimal impact on the aquatic life that are exposed to it.

The traditional hydroelectric turbine kills about 15% of the aquatic life exposed to it. Even though there is no pollution caused by the turbine, the destruction of the of these ecosystems can be just as bad. One of the worst consequences of pollution is the destruction of our life necessities and the current way of going about hydroelectric power is doing just that. It omits the step of polluting and cuts straight to killing our food supply. Hydroelectric power is often seen as a good source of energy, but the killing of fish is often overlooked and undermined.

It is nice to see that some of our best ways of producing energy are being improved upon. We are inching our way to a near perfect means of generating electricity. The best thing about this innovation is that it can be applied to a large variety of regions. Waterways can be routed in order to accomodate different regions, so that noone is left without electricity. Of course there can be environmental consequences because of the rerouting, but innovation is never far behind.

Alden Turbine


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