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New in campus? Tips on how to succeed in campus for freshmen (and women):

Updated on August 27, 2012

New in campus? Tips on how to succeed in campus for freshmen (and women):

Joining university is a very exciting and happy moment for most people. The initial days may be scary for some who have never been away from home before, but the worries soon fade off as one gets used to life on campus.

Campus life can be a very exciting and fun time; it can also be a very boring and tedious moment. For most students, however, campus is a moment at which a lot of freedom is experienced. This freedom is there concerning everything as there is no mom, dad or guardian, watching over your shoulder.

As a student, you can choose on one side to skip class, take drugs, and just ‘let loose’ your whole life. On another side, you may decide to make as much money as you can through working part-time, run a business from your room or even be a part-time student and work full-time. Still, you may decide to concentrate on your studies and aim at getting an A in all your courses, minimize other activities and generally stick to yourself.

In this article, I want to give tips on how to make the best out of your studies, based on my personal experiences, after completing university.

First of all, you should seek to develop strong relationships with your class mates and lecturers. This will assist you a lot after campus, because these friends will help in giving you information about job openings, scholarship opportunities, and generally give you ideas on how to advance in your career.

Practical activity: if you are in first-year, make a list of most of your friends and get linked together on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, get to know their birthdays and send them an e-birthday card on their birthdays every year.

Second, make sure to study as hard as possible in your degree area, in order to perform well and have a good looking transcript. If you get an F grade on your transcript, it will remain there for life.

Practical activity: use timetabling to maximise your strengths. Study difficult topics when you are very fresh and mentally sharp. This is likely to be different for different people as some are fresh in the morning, others at night. Study similar topics together to avoid confusing yourself.

Third, begin early to make contacts in the area where you would like to work. Make a list of the potential companies or organisations, which whom you would like to work in future.

Practical activity: Call organisations you would like to work in and ask them if you can volunteer there during your holidays.

Fourth, take care of your health by watching what you eat, drink, and observe cleanliness. Avoid junk food like the flu, they are convenient to use, but in the long run wreck havoc on your body.

Practical activity: Try as much as possible to eat unrefined food, they are more tedious to make and expensive to buy, but in the long-run you are likely to reap benefits that may last a long time.

Fifth, be careful on the groups, clubs or associations you join. Being in a group can have a profound effect on you and can affect the way you think, behave and live. Be careful of groups that make you change in any significant way how you used to behave before campus. Some groups may encourage you to change the way you dress, talk and even eat. Think critically and hard before joining any such group.

Practical activity: ask your older friends, parents and relatives of what they think about any group you want to join. In addition, do a lot of research on the internet; especially look at what the critics of the group say. Google something like: criticisms of xyz group.

Sixth, when you are going to register in school, ensure that you arrive in school as early as possible. This is because in most cases, the lines will be long and you do not want to spend the whole day standing in lines. In addition, rooms in hostels are usually given on a first come-first serve basis, this means that you are likely to have more free rooms to choose from than if you are late.

Practical activity: Visit the university or college you are planning to attend, if you haven’t already done so. If the university or college you are going to is very far from your home, go there a day early, sleep in a nearby hotel and be the first in line the next day. For online registration, ensure you register immediately.

Finally, spend some time everyday to meditate and/or pray. Meditation and prayer, helps in giving you a moment of solitude, which is very important in times of emotional stress and pressure to meet deadlines. It helps you to focus on what is important in your life, so that you do not get carried away by what is going on and make rushed decisions, or become so stressed you become depressed.

Practical activity: set apart some ten to fifteen minutes everyday to meditate and/or pray. Make this time constant so that your body gets used to it; for example if it is in the morning, do it every morning at the same time.

Campus life is likely to become one of the most memorable time of your life. Make sure you make these memories good ones!


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